Festus, after lockdown

March 2020

March was such a crazy month, we’ve started with a lovely lunch on a boat, two trips to Oxford for University and a visit to Cat Cafe Liverpool. All of us watched Crufts. As one can imagine, Festus did not miss a show, even though there were two each day. By the end of the […]

colouring book

Self-isolating. Activities for Adults

More and more people are asked to stay at home, so I came up with a new post: Self-isolating. Activities for Adults. There are plenty of posts and advice regarding what you can do with children, but not so many when it comes to adults. For the last week I’ve been at home, mainly because […]

Hilary Term

Hilary Term

Hilary Term is now over. If you are curious how the first term was, have a look at Michaelmas Term. This term I had to do two essays, I had tutorials, and I started a new period, European history in the 19th century. It was different because we changed the period and the professor too. […]

My TBR Pile

My TBR Pile

As today is World Book Day, I thought it would be nice to share my TBR pile (to-be-read). It is the 23rd year of World Book Day, how nice is that. Aside from these books, I will borrow some University-related books from the library, but I did not include any as I’m not sure I […]


February 2020

February was great, I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences, like the visit to the Guide dog centre, we went to London for a day, I’ve attended a blogger event with Moonpig for Mother’s day, and I had some lovely dates with my husband. The university course was very demanding this month, as I’ve started a […]


January 2020

January was a very busy month for me. With my studies and a lot of work related things to think of, at the end of it I feel a bit tired. But I love the excitement and fast pace, so I’m not actually complaining. I just need a bit more rest and I will be […]

Festus' Choice

Festus’ choice

Festus’ choice might sound a bit cheesy for a post title, but I think it describes perfectly what the post is about: choosing. After Christmas I shared a few pictures with Festus picking up his favourite treat from the ones he had under the tree, if you’ve missed the post, it’s here. He had only […]

Goals for 2020

Goals for 2020

As usual, I’m making three kinds of goals for 2020: blogs, personal, and travel. It is the same pattern I’ve used for a couple of years. Goals for 2020: Blogs 1. Post regularly. I think I can aim to post twice every week on this blog, a weekly recipe on CookStyle if I don’t have […]

Think about your food

Think about your food

In January, after the festive season, we are bombarded with “new year new you” ads, urging us to sign up to the gym and of course, to eat healthy food. The whole idea of eating in December and go on a diet in January is unhealthy because we should make conscientious decisions daily. This is […]

Highlights of 2019

My 2019, by month

I love doing this kind of round-ups at the end of the year. As my blog is primarily a diary, I’m often going back in the archives to see places I’ve been to or what I was doing the year before. This will be a quick reminder of the highlights from this year. It was […]