January 2020

January was a very busy month for me. With my studies and a lot of work related things to think of, at the end of it I feel a bit tired. But I love the excitement and fast pace, so I’m not actually complaining. I just need a bit more rest and I will be […]

Festus' Choice

Festus’ choice

Festus’ choice might sound a bit cheesy for a post title, but I think it describes perfectly what the post is about: choosing. After Christmas I shared a few pictures with Festus picking up his favourite treat from the ones he had under the tree, if you’ve missed the post, it’s here. He had only […]

Goals for 2020

Goals for 2020

As usual, I’m making three kinds of goals for 2020: blogs, personal, and travel. It is the same pattern I’ve used for a couple of years. Goals for 2020: Blogs 1. Post regularly. I think I can aim to post twice every week on this blog, a weekly recipe on CookStyle if I don’t have […]

Think about your food

Think about your food

In January, after the festive season, we are bombarded with “new year new you” ads, urging us to sign up to the gym and of course, to eat healthy food. The whole idea of eating in December and go on a diet in January is unhealthy because we should make conscientious decisions daily. This is […]

Highlights of 2019

My 2019, by month

I love doing this kind of round-ups at the end of the year. As my blog is primarily a diary, I’m often going back in the archives to see places I’ve been to or what I was doing the year before. This will be a quick reminder of the highlights from this year. It was […]

Merry go round


I want to start this post by thanking all my readers for their support. I appreciate so much that all of you are taking the time to read my posts. Of course, I should give an extra thanks to the ones that leave comments, as they are always nice and they bring on a smile […]


Goals for 2019. How I did.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals and now it’s time to see how I did. I managed to do a lot of things I planned and, even if I didn’t do everything, I’m still happy overall. 2019 Goals: Blogs 1. Pub & Tea room reviews, every other month. My […]

Us three

Our Christmas, 2019

I hope you all had a wonderful time this Christmas. We’ve celebrated like we did in the last few years, at home, enjoying our presents, eating delicious food, listening to the Queen’s speech, and watching movies/reading books. I blogged about the food I prepared on my cook blog, in a post called almost vegan Christmas […]

Collage of pictures

10th Gotcha Day

Today is Festus’ 10th Gotcha Day. The day before, we went to visit his breeder and see the kennels. It was quite unexpected to get there the following day and get Festus. It was not planned, but it was for the best. Initially I wanted to share a picture from each year, then thought of […]

Michaelmas Term

Michaelmas Term

While I mentioned Oxford a few times on the blog, I didn’t talk about my studies. Last week or so I thought I would like to make an update, so here is a round-up of my Michaelmas term. I will share a similar update at the end of Hilary term, and again for Trinity. It […]