Lighiting the candles on the cake for Festus' birthday

Festus’ 10th Birthday

Two years ago I wrote a post about Festus entitled “My boy turns 8: 8 things you didn’t know about him”, here is the link if you want to read it. Today I’m sharing 10 more things about him. He is so precious to me and I was so happy to celebrate his birthday, singing […]

Unusual date Ideas

Unusual Date Ideas

I thought of writing a post on unusual date ideas for a few weeks now, when I thought of the latest things we did. I picked up five different ideas. All the activities I’m talking about can be done in Liverpool and Manchester, but some of them are available in other parts of Britain, and […]

Urban Calm - Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day Celebrations

If you are wondering what to do for Mother’s Day or how to surprise her, then you might be inspired by my suggestions. Last evening, my friend Rebecca and I went to Metquarter* for a very special evening. We’ve met up about an hour and a half before our appointment. We went for a stroll […]

Christmas 2018

On the 27th I usually talk about my Christmas. This year I’m going to share lots of pictures with the dog. We’ve started our day as usual, after the dog had his morning walk, by taking family pictures near the tree with our new Christmas jumpers. This year we’ve discovered some jumpers with an added […]

Visiting UK

Visiting UK

Last year I’ve made a post about 100 places I’ve been to, in the 6 years since I moved to UK. I thought I should make this a annually post, to see how many new places I’ve been to. This year I have 22 new flags on the map, most of these new flags are […]

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Last year I talked about my advent calendar, in Make Your Own advent calendar. My husband and I enjoyed it so much that this year we are going to make it again. The experience of last year means that this year will be better, more in line with what works for us. This is the […]

Halloween 2018

As usual on the 1st of November, I’m sharing what we did yesterday for Halloween. Also, as usual, we stayed at home, waiting for children to come treat or tricking. It did rain a bit, 10 minutes or so around 7 and that might have put off people from coming out. That was a shame, […]

Recipes for Halloween - Black bread

Recipes for Halloween

Every year I’m thinking of new recipes for Halloween, and I start by looking at what I’ve done before. The first three recipes are from my cook blog: CookStyle. I’m going to share a fun recipe from a fellow blogger and a few I saw on Instagram. I also have a Pinterest board filled with […]

Festus' 9th Birthday. His gift

Festus’ 9th Birthday

A couple of days ago we’ve celebrated Festus’ 9th Birthday! He has a bit of white hair, but the rest is pretty much the same. His present was a toy! The day started with us singing “Happy birthday”, as we do every year. Festus loves that. He is looking at us, wagging his tail, sometimes […]

International Women’s Day Celebrations

Tomorrow, 8th March, is International Women’s Day and I want to talk about the way this day is celebrated in Romania and how I’m still celebrating. This is a new celebration in UK, gaining more and more momentum each year. I do think it’s interesting how it evolves. The way is celebrated, with an emphasis […]