October was such a busy month. I usually post in the morning, but today I was away and I managed to finish the post only now. This month I’ve started University and I love it. I’ve made my first essay, I had my first tutorial, and I’ve been to many lectures and seminars. Staying in […]

Festus at Blenheim, on the tarmac with his toy

Festus at Blenheim. Lots of Pictures

Festus loves walking on the Blenheim estates. There is a lovely park and on that day, we went a bit further than usual. Festus sometimes likes to get his toy with him and that was one of the days. As you can see in the pictures, he didn’t let go of his toy. Very similar […]

Solar Farm


This month was very busy. My husband and I went to visit a few fascinating locations opened for Heritage Open Days. On top of that, I’ve started University last week with the first teaching session and a full day in which I had the chance of getting to know better my new colleagues and the […]

vegan BBQ


I’m going to start with the most amazing news, of course. You might have already seen that I’m going to go to Oxford to read history. I’m so excited about this. It took two years to get to this point and I couldn’t be happier. You can read more about it here, when I talked […]

Band 8 IELTS Academic

Band 8 IELTS Academic

I pondered a couple of days on the title of this post. I was pondering between How to Get Band 8 IELTS Academic or How I got Band 8 at IELTS Academic (sounded a bit like I was bragging). In the end, I’ve decided on the shorter version of Band 8 IELTS Academic because I […]

Car, dog cage, dog in the background

Changing the Tires

Changing the tires can be annoying and a bit dangerous if you are on the motorway or on A-roads, but if you have the dog with you in the boot, things get even more complicated. Since we got Festus, nearly 10 years ago, we hoped we’ll never have a tire blowing up while he is […]

F1 simulator


I can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of August. It seemed the days went by so fast. July was good, I’ve read some pretty good books, see the end of the post for details about them. This month I’ve managed to achieve a few things and I’m quite proud, despite still waiting for some […]

Style. Collage with reviews I made

Update on my 2019 Goals

I like to go through the goals I’ve made once a month, so I don’t forget them. This update made me realize how many things I’ve done from the list I made back in January. 2019 Goals: Blogs 1. Pub & Tea room reviews, every other month. I did three, so I’m on track. 1. […]



This month we’ve been on holiday. I still have plenty of blog posts to write with things I’ve seen on our trip to Scotland. It was amazing, I loved it. I can’t wait to go on another holiday in Scotland. While is not decided, of course, I think we are going to spend our time […]

May. A collage of daily pictures, taken in May


This month a very important thing happened, on the 2nd, but I’m not yet ready to talk about it (see the picture with the Champagne bottle) in the round-up. A few other things happened this month, I’ve shared pictures of my newly renovated home office. I’ve attended BlogOn and I’ve won 2nd place in a […]