Style. Collage with reviews I made

Update on my 2019 Goals

I like to go through the goals I’ve made once a month, so I don’t forget them. This update made me realize how many things I’ve done from the list I made back in January. 2019 Goals: Blogs 1. Pub & Tea room reviews, every other month. I did three, so I’m on track. 1. […]



This month we’ve been on holiday. I still have plenty of blog posts to write with things I’ve seen on our trip to Scotland. It was amazing, I loved it. I can’t wait to go on another holiday in Scotland. While is not decided, of course, I think we are going to spend our time […]

May. A collage of daily pictures, taken in May


This month a very important thing happened, on the 2nd, but I’m not yet ready to talk about it (see the picture with the Champagne bottle) in the round-up. A few other things happened this month, I’ve shared pictures of my newly renovated home office. I’ve attended BlogOn and I’ve won 2nd place in a […]

Festus in the garden


In April I’ve attended a Jousting event for the first time and I loved it. On top of that, we went for a couple of days in Oxford. It was a busy month, mostly with decorating and tiding up everything. Besides, we had activities with Buckt this month as well and we enjoyed those a […]

Doing a bit of DIY


This month we didn’t have any holidays, but we’ve had fun using a new fab subscription box called Buckt. Don’t miss that post, especially if you are living close to Manchester. We’ve started going to the gym regularly. On top of that, my husband and I went to a vegan fair, LABL and it was […]

Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym

I’m sure that it will not come as surprise that “Going to the Gym” made its way into my Goals for 2019. Many of you might have set up the same goal. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, so back in January I went to see the gym that is the closest to […]

Holiday up north - North Sea


February was a very busy month, starting with a short holiday up north, where we’ve had a wonderful time. I’ve already blogged about the places we’ve been to, see the links for most of them in the round-up picture & details. We’ve played pool and foosball in the game room at the camping site. It […]



January was a very busy month for me, with a trip to London, a day trip to Manchester, and a day trip to Doncaster. I’ve also read 10 books, see at the end of the post. On top of that, this month I’ve shared only vegan recipes on my food blog. So, let’s start with […]

Me, as a Volunteer.

December Roundup

This is the last roundup of the year. I imagine most of you are busy with preparations for NYE and I was thinking of skipping this post today, but, in the end, I’ve had some time and wanted to share what I did this month. These roundups also offer me the chance to look back […]


November Roundup

November always means Bonfire night, a fantastic fireworks display in the city centre. Festus is not bothered at all by all the noises. Even on the 4th, on the evening walk he couldn’t be bothered despite all the fireworks around him, he didn’t flinch. The neighbours though have a German Shepherd who spent the night […]