Red Lion Inn, Deddington

Red Lion Inn Deddington

I’ve been to Red Lion Inn Deddington a couple of weeks ago. The pub is now closed temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they do takeaway, which must be so helpful for vegans and vegetarians in that area. I’m looking forward to visiting them again, when all this is over and, most likely, I […]

EverGreen Boat Cafe

EverGreen Boat Cafe

EverGreen Boat Cafe is a unique plant-based cafe relatively close to us, in Lymm, between Liverpool and Manchester. You can see here pictures of the village from one of the visits a few years ago. They also organize fun events, like the Easter time Duck race, which I saw two or three times in the […]

Chapters Of Us. Inside

Chapters Of Us

My husband and I decided in the weekend to go out for a drink. We went towards the city centre, and looked around the Baltic triangle area. So we came across Chapters Of Us. It looked so nice from outside that we had to go there. Inside, the cafe looks even more great. I love […]

Desserts at Nosebag

Nosebag, Oxford

I’ve been to Nosebag in Oxford twice. The first, time I went there with the lovely Galina at chezmaximka. She recommend this place to me and I loved it. That time I had a delicious vegan truffle and I said I’m going to get it again. For my birthday we wanted to get desserts somewhere, […]

Seat at Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings

Mrs Burton’s Restaurant, Hastings

Mrs Burton’s Restaurant is a lovely little eatery near the 1066 Battlefield and Battle Abbey. If you’ve missed the pictures from the battlefield, check the previous link. It is such a fascinating place to visit. We’ve decided to stop for coffee, as we were in a hurry, being the last day of our holiday. I […]

Terre à Terre - Houmous

Terre à Terre

Terre à Terre is a vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. It looks lovely and I wanted to try their food, so my husband and I went there for lunch. At the end of the post you will find a bit more details about the place and their website too. The staff seemed eager to please, but […]

Happy Maki. Exterior

Happy Maki

Happy Maki is a vegan place in Brighton and it was on my list of places to go to in our holiday. One of the reasons I picked Brighton was the vegan and vegetarian restaurants out there. Despite me wanting to go to three different places, we only managed to go to two, as I […]

Clink restaurant

Clink Cardiff

You might remember that a few months ago I went to Clink Café in Manchester. Clink is run by a charity that helps prisoners train for the hospitality sector and reduces reoffending. There are a few restaurants in UK, and one of them is Clink Cardiff. We’ve just had to go for lunch there because […]

Anna Loka - Restaurant inside

Anna Loka

Anna Loka is a vegan restaurant in Cardiff. I was excited to try vegan food, so I’ve added this restaurant to my to-go-to list in our holiday in Wales. I saw on their website that Anna means food and Loka means world in Sansksrit. They boast that this it the first vegan restaurant in Cardiff, […]

Castle Street Townhouse. Decor

Castle Street Townhouse

I was invited to sample the new lunch menu at the Castle Street Townhouse* in Liverpool. Obviously, I was delighted about this and I arranged a lunch date for me and my husband. After having lunch, we went to see the Double Fantasy exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool, about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. […]