Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor in package

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Last year in august we bought a Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. This exact model is not available on the market at the moment, but there are similar products if you need a new vacuum, like the Dyson Small Ball. The Small Ball looks the same and it is at the same price as the […]

The Wexell Escape Room

The Wexell Escape Room

The Wexell Escape Room by James Hamer-Morton* is an escape room puzzle game with 5 rooms. I was so looking forward to playing this game as I love escape rooms. So far I’ve been to different escape rooms three times, including to one earlier this month. Also, I got a basic escape room game which […]

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs Centre

At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to visit the Guide Dogs Centre. I did not go there as a blogger, so I did not have to talk about it, but how could I miss the chance of sharing pictures and details about this amazing charity? First of all, this is their […]

Crocodiles Feeding experience

Crocodiles Feeding

Yesterday, for my birthday, my husband bought an experience for me to a zoo I’ve been to before, Crocodiles of the World, in 2014. I loved it and I said I want to do crocodiles feeding. The Crocodiles of the World zoo is only 30 minutes away from Oxford and I told my husband I […]


Paperless Post

I was asked if I wanted to review Paperless Post*, a card sending service, where all the cards are created and sent by email. When I started using the internet many years ago, there were websites offering this kind of options, but I haven’t seen something similar in a while. I love the idea for […]

Weird Things Humans Search For. The game

Weird Things Humans Search For

I’ve seen Weird Things Humans Search For, a game by Big Potato*, at BlogOn and I was very eager to try it. So, I was very happy to play and review it. Besides the game, I received from the PR team a funny stuffed potato that looks fab as a prop in these pictures. So, […]



Last month I’ve blogged about Buckt (Collaboration*), a monthly activities subscription box, after doing a few of the activities. If you’ve missed it, check this post. This month I though is best to show you how the box looks like and talk a bit more about the booking process and the activities for Manchester. If […]

Christmas at Duhnam Massey

Christmas at Duhnam Massey

I was invited for Christmas at Duhnam Massey* woodland trail. It was the first time I’ve been to a Christmas trail, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The woodland is transformed into a gorgeous magical place, with lots of lights and music in some parts. I picked only a few pictures to show, as […]

Wake-up Light Philips

Wake-up Light Philips

I respond to seasonal changes very quickly. In the Summer I’m up even before 6.30, without the need for an alarm clock, and I still have plenty of energy at 9 in the evenings. But in the Autumn and Winter, my mood changes. I don’t get up as quickly and I really need an alarm […]

Virtual Reality Escapes. The kit

Virtual Reality Escapes

My husband and I went to Virtual Reality Escapes, a VR centre in Chester. After having a lot of fun, I’ve decided to take some pictures and blog about them. We’ve decided to go to Chester on my husband’s day off. So, we bought tickets to Virtual Reality Escapes and made a reservation. Both of […]