Whistler - Thames Police

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city is a special exhibition at Sudley House, a lovely small museum in Liverpool. I visit Sudley House regularly as their special exhibitions are usually fascinating. In 2017 I saw the exhibitions the 1930s and Transformation, and in 2018 I went to see Fashion from the 1950s, and Costume Drama […]

Best 12 museums I visited in 2019

Best 12 museums I visited in 2019

Last year I was asked by someone doing research how many museums I’ve been to that year and he was shocked by my answer: 50. It was an estimation, but a very good one. So, that made me think of making a round-up of the museums I liked. Here it is: Best 12 museums I […]

Room at History of Science Museum

History of Science Museum

History of Science Museum is just a few minutes from Bodleian, next to the Sheldonian Theatre. It is free to visit, but they do accept donations, and they also have pretty interesting things in their gift shop. They don’t have tea rooms, but Bodleian’s tea rooms are on the opposite side, so you can have […]

Bodleian Library - Door

Bodleian Library. Pictures Only

Bodleian Library offers three tours, so make sure you book yours if you are visiting Oxford. It’s really nice and the guide offers plenty of details. Divinity School Sir Thomas Bodley’s Chest Sheldon tapestry map of Gloucestershire, circa 1590 Map of Palestine, late 14th century A survey of the microcosme, Johann Remmelin, London, 1695 Selenographia […]

the pier at sunset


Christmas is approaching fast, but I like to take a bit of time to reminisce on my holiday in Brighton last month. I already shared a few posts from it, the vegan lunch at Happy Maki, the vegetarian lunch at Terre à Terre, and I talked about my visit to the amazing Royal Pavilion. This […]

Pitt Rivers

Pitt Rivers. Pictures Only

Pitt Rivers is located in the same building with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Here are some pictures from that museum too. Both museums are free to visit. Can be found on Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3PW. You might also like A day in Oxford The Turnpike Nosebag, Oxford Bodleian Library. Pictures Only […]

Desserts at Nosebag

Nosebag, Oxford

I’ve been to Nosebag in Oxford twice. The first, time I went there with the lovely Galina at chezmaximka. She recommend this place to me and I loved it. That time I had a delicious vegan truffle and I said I’m going to get it again. For my birthday we wanted to get desserts somewhere, […]


Knowsley Safari Park – December

Now it’s time to show pictures from Knowsley Safari Park, in December. I just love these monthly posts and I love going each month to watch the animals. It’s so relaxing and wonderful to see them. Our tour started with us looking at these camels, walking on the tarmac towards some other cow-like animals (that’s […]

Place where Harold died

1066 Battlefield and Abbey

1066 Battlefield and Battle Abbey are one of the most impressive places I’ve been to this year. On 14th October 1066, King Harold of England was defeated by William of Normandy. I’ve seen a few documentaries about the battle, I read a book on Matilda, William’s wife, so you can easily imagine my excitement to […]

Lions enjoying the sun

Knowsley Safari Park – November

I had a very busy month, but still managed to see the animals at Knowsley despite them changing the opening times. Now it is closed Monday and Tuesday, and the last entry to the park is 3pm, unlike the summer time when it is 5 or 6. This time we took the car friendly route […]