Gaia - A replica of Earth


Last year I’ve been to see the Museum of the Moon, a replica of the Moon. Check that post if you haven’t seen it before. This year a new event takes place in Liverpool and we were able to admire a Giant Earth, called Gaia (Earth in Greek Mythology). Gaia is brought here for the […]

Cat sleeping at Cat Café Liverpool

Cat Café Liverpool

You might have seen this picture on my Instagram account a few days ago, along with a couple more from an amazing new cafe. I’ve been to Cat Café Liverpool, after visiting their Manchester location for a couple of times. We’ve ended up there by chance. My husband and I were in the city centre, […]

LightNight Barat Dance

LightNight 2019

Since I’ve been for the first time to LightNight in 2012, I’ve been attending the event each year. So, today, I’m going to share my thoughts and some pictures from LightNight 2019. LightNight is an annual event in Liverpool, when museums and art galleries, along Universities open their doors for exciting new activities, talks, crafts, […]

209 Women. Theresa May, MP for Maidenhead, British Conservative Party, Prime Minister

209 Women

I’ve seen on twitter that a new exhibition opened at Open Eye Gallery on the docks in Liverpool. It is entitled 209 Women and it marks 100 years of women suffrage. The exhibition features 209 portraits of the UK’s women MPs, shot entirely by photographers that identify as women. I think the whole idea of […]

Liverpool International Horse Show. Horse Jumping

Liverpool International Horse Show

I was considering going to the Liverpool International Horse Show, and when I saw tickets on offer on groupon, I knew I had to buy them. I got bronze tickets for me and my husband, not the cheapest, but not expensive either. Each show lasts for about 4 hours and I was very keen to […]

Journey Through Waste

Journey Through Waste

The Journey Through Waste, is the last post I’m making from Heritage Open Days. I’m very interested in recycling and to learn how recycling works. Luckily I was able to get the last ticket at the tours that were available this year. It was free and it lasted for around one hour and a half. […]

St Anthony’s Church. Inside the church

St Anthony’s Church

This week Heritage Open Days starts, an annual event. From July I start looking at their website to see what new places I can visit, especially as I follow them on Facebook and I see there many updates. The first thing I’ve visited this year was St Anthony’s Church in Liverpool. That’s the best part […]

International Slavery Museum Wall

International Slavery Museum

I’ve been to the International Slavery Museum on Albert Dock, when I moved to Liverpool. I wasn’t impressed, as I mentioned it in my post Museums. It was interesting to my thoughts from back then, when I said that “I think slavery deserves a better way to be presented, stronger and with more impact on […]

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop - Tea rooms

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop is in the same location with The Hayloft tea shop. It’s about 25 minutes from Liverpool city centre, but it’s worth the trip. There is a lovely place to stroll, seeing the ruins of the Hall, two churches are nearby and they look lovely. I also noticed signs to public footpaths. […]

Model Image. Fashion and photos from the 1950s - Dresses

Model Image Fashion and photos from the 1950s

The new special exhibition at Sudley House is Model Image Fashion and photos from the 1950s. Last year I’ve been to another exhibition at Sudley, on the 1930s fashion. In London I saw the 1920s exhibition at Fashion Museum. I find it fascinating to see how much fashion has changed in such a short period. […]