Stand off with the Rhinos

Knowsley Safari Park, January

This month’s visit to Knowsley Safari Park was one of the best so far. It was quite eventful with a couple of the animals annoyed and not wanting to move. I will talk about that a bit later in the post. Firstly, the drive through the park started with some donkeys (or I should say […]

Whistler - Thames Police

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city is a special exhibition at Sudley House, a lovely small museum in Liverpool. I visit Sudley House regularly as their special exhibitions are usually fascinating. In 2017 I saw the exhibitions the 1930s and Transformation, and in 2018 I went to see Fashion from the 1950s, and Costume Drama […]


Knowsley Safari Park – December

Now it’s time to show pictures from Knowsley Safari Park, in December. I just love these monthly posts and I love going each month to watch the animals. It’s so relaxing and wonderful to see them. Our tour started with us looking at these camels, walking on the tarmac towards some other cow-like animals (that’s […]

Lions enjoying the sun

Knowsley Safari Park – November

I had a very busy month, but still managed to see the animals at Knowsley despite them changing the opening times. Now it is closed Monday and Tuesday, and the last entry to the park is 3pm, unlike the summer time when it is 5 or 6. This time we took the car friendly route […]

Close up with Lion at Knowsley Safari Park - October

Knowsley Safari Park – October

Are you ready for lots of pictures with the animals at Knowsley this month? I’ve shared 28, but some are with the spacious fields the animals have, just to show what great conditions they have there. To have good pictures of the animals I need to take the DSLR with me, otherwise, the zoon on […]

Victorian Lecture Theatre

Liverpool Medical Institution

I went to the Liverpool Medical Institution many times since I moved here because they always seem to organize very interesting activities for events such as Light Night. This month I booked tickets for the tour they were offering with the Heritage Open Days event. They offer tours for groups at low prices, but that […]

Corridor in the infirmary

Alfred Waterhouse

A few days ago my husband and I went to an architecture themed tour. It was about the work of Alfred Waterhouse and organized by Victoria Gallery & Museum. We saw those buildings before, now part of Liverpool University and it was lovely to learn more about them. Waterhouse was born in Liverpool and he […]

Sea Lion

Knowsley Safari Park – September

My husband and I bought a membership at Knowsley Safari Park, and so I thought it would be nice to share pictures from there every month, to see how the weather changes and how the animals change with it. After this short introductory post, the others will more likely be “pictures only” kind of posts. […]

High Park Reservoir

High Park Reservoir

These days we are visiting lots of places with Heritage Open Days and the first one we’ve been to was the High Park Reservoir. We tried to visit it before, but it was so popular that we didn’t manage to get in, despite them allowing up to 60 people per tour. This time we arrived […]

Wild Wings. Bird of Prey Centre

Wild Wings. Bird of Prey Centre

Wild Wings is a Bird of Prey Centre at about half an hour away from us. Yesterday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had and went to see the birds. The centre is a charity that takes care of birds of prey. The ones that can be released into the wild are kept […]