Day-trip Essentials

I never done a Day-trip essentials* post even though I do travel often. I am preparing a post specific about caravanning, but until that one is ready, I’m going to talk about things I have to have with me in holidays.


1. Basic makeup bag and hair comb. I need my lipstick with me, to reapply during the day and another thing I can’t leave the house without is a hair comb. As I have long hair, even if it’s a ponytail, I still have to comb it after a few hours. I also have hair bands and hair clips.

2. A good camera. I have a DSLR with a couple of lenses and it’s really great, but that one does take a lot of space and it’s heavy, so not very versatile. I have a waterproof camera that we got before our sea kayaking adventure, it’s great if we are doing a water-sport, but the picture quality is not perfect, so I hardly use it unless it rains. The Camera for Travel Panasonic seems like a good option for long days walking around. It’s small and light, so easy to carry in my handbag, has a good zoom and it shuts raw as well. I Photoshop my pictures and having them in raw format it’s so much better.

3. Membership cards. In the last three years we’ve bought memberships to a few organisations like National Trust, English Heritage and National Art Pass. As we have a lot of them, I have to make sure we have them with us. I keep in the car their booklets, in case the place we are going to see takes less to visit. If we are going to London I have to remember to take the Oyster too.

4. Healthy snacks. I like having healthy snacks in the car. It makes life so much easier when we are driving for on a long time and I don’t have to rely on snacks from the service stations. I have a stock of healthy snacks at home and in the caravan, so I can take a couple every time we travel with the car.

5. Money. Well, this is obviously self explanatory. The cards are important, obviously. But just as important is having coins for parking. I don’t like overpaying for parking, even though it happens, so lots of coins are a must.

What do you have to have on your day-trips?

* Post in collaboration with Panasonic.

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