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Life is short, eat dessert first

This is how our kitchen wall looks like. We’ve painted a funny motivational quote near the kitchen sink. Hubby and I discussed a lot about what we’ll write. After choosing 2 quotes and discussing about them for a long time, we’ve decided for: “Life is short, eat dessert first”. Although I can’t see the downside of starting with dessert, it’s not only about that, it’s also a reminder to have fun.

We’ve tried before with stencil and paint and it was a very bad idea. We had good stencils, special glue for stencils and good quality paint, the end result was very bad. So, despite our initial concerns, we’ve decided to get vinyl letters.
It looks very good, I like that it pops out when every time I go in the kitchen. Also, I feel it’s a lovely feature in a white and oak kitchen. I’m so happy with it, it adds the charm I was looking for.

01 Life is short, eat dessert first stickers wall art

02 Life is short, eat dessert first stickers wall art

03 stickers decal wall art

04 stickers decal wall art

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