Mia Tui Handbag

I bought my Mia Tui Handbag last year, in September, so after six months, I feel I’m ready to talk about it. I found out about Mia Tui at an old BlogOn event. Back in 2016 I received a small clutch from them and I’ve been using that ever since. As the quality was so good, I knew I wanted to get one, but did not get one until recently. When I started University it was the perfect choice, as their handbags are pretty special. Here is their website. I was so pleased with it, that my husband got a bigger one for me, for Christmas, see here.

Mia Tui Handbag

This navy one is called Samantha. They have a lot of colours for it and the price is ÂŁ40. You might find it on offers on their website too. Their handbags are made with faux leather and they are vegan. I love that, as I don’t buy leather items. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, but I don’t use it.

Inside the handbag is very big, I can fit my A4 folder and that makes it perfect for my needs. It also has an insulated bottle holder. I bought a matching navy bottle which is on the smaller size and it fits perfectly. I don’t want to carry too much weight and I can refill my bottle in so many places, that it would be pointless to have a bigger water bottle. In fact, I have a bigger one too, but I never use that.


With Samantha you get a matching clutch bag too, smaller than the one I had, but still a good size.

Mia Tui Handbag - interior

As with all Mia Tui handbags, the interior is amazing. Samantha has an internal zipped pocket, an elasticated key clip which is handy, a phone pocket big enough for my phone. It also has two pen holders, which, as a student, are very handy as well.

Samantha’s sizes are 36cm x 28cm x 10.5cm. While is not my biggest handbag, is one of the best for organizing my things. The bag is very hardy, and so far it looks just as it looked when I bought it a few months ago.

I’m really pleased with it and with my second handbag which my husband bought for me. I might get another one from them at one point, because they are really good value for money. I love the stylish look, while being so great for organizing. Not a lot of handbags are made like that and this is why it’s so great.

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  1. I have heard of this brand but never read a review. Capacious handbags are only useful if they have compartments so small items don’t get lost at the bottom. I like the look of these and love the fact that they are vegan.

  2. Nice handbag! Mia Tui’s bags are good quality. I had one, when Eddie was a baby, and it was so spacious, I could carry all the essentials in it. I used it for a few years, it was a good purchase.

  3. I really like this handbag. I’m one for organization (rather than the hobo style where everything gets lost in the bottom) and the interior on this one looks great. I never use the optional straps, either. If I want to go totally hands free, I use a smaller crossover purse. I’m afraid I’m not always good about opting for faux leather over the real thing.
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