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Yesterday we visited Merseyside Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum. They are in the same building. I liked the Maritime Museum. The story of three ships that sank are very moving. In 3 years (1912 – 1915) three ships sank: Titanic, Lusitania and Empress of Ireland. There is a depict of the people that died and the people that survived in the Titanic.



The gallery “Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered” has a few interactive exhibitions. I really love this type of exhibitions and, for sure, I am not the only one.


This lifebuoy was from Lusitania and it saved a boy.

I love the fan from Lusitania. It was preserved very good, considering it was made 100 years ago.


I like the trunk, it was very easy to organize it and it looked like a little dresser. I have to get one of these if I want to be more organized in the holiday.

In 1860 the sailors had a lot of medical problems because they didn’t eat enough fruits, dairy and vegetables.


The traditional English breakfast. Being a vegetarian I don’t think it’s great, but the coffee makes a huge difference.

The Docks from the 2nd floor of the Museum.

The Docks in the 19th century. I like it very much. The display was very good, very realistic. For example there were some posters on the wall and their corners were torn.

The Slavery Museum was nice, but I had higher expectations. I though it would be more shocking to see all the thinks the slavery meant. I don’t say I was disappointed, but I would not visit it again. I think slavery deserves a better way to be presented, stronger and with more impact on the visitors. I think it would have been better if the Museum had a timeline of the history of slavery.

The exhibition “White Gold: the true cost of cotton” was very interesting. Most of us ignore the fact that right now there is slavery in the world and we take advantage from it.

A panoramic view of the Dock.

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