Exhibitor Masterclass

Last month I was invited to Exhibitor Masterclass* at the NEC. It was a one-day course about all sort of interesting aspects related to exhibiting and branding. As we’ve exhibited at the NEC and we are going to exhibit in the future, the course was very appealing. I was very happy with the 6 seminars […]

Flight of the talons

This is the first post in the Knowsley safari park (pictures here) sequel. The first two pictures are from vulture feeding. It was an hour earlier than the Flight of the talons. Vultures are my favourite birds, beautiful and so important for our survival as a species. A few years ago I would have said […]

National Trust and English Heritage

For my birthday, in November last year, hubby bought a National Trust membership for us. We’ve visited a few before becoming members, but we were reluctant as there aren’t many properties around Liverpool. We were wrong. In less than 1 year, we’ve visited more than 10 properties, in day trips to North Wales, and around […]

Knowsley safari park

For hubby’s name day (he is so lucky, he has 2/year), he decided he wants to go to Knowsley safari park. I was surprised, as I’m the one suggesting this kind of things. We’ve been there last year and he enjoyed it very much, especially the lion enclosure. This Park is amazing, we didn’t even […]


How to relax and DE-stress in 30 minutes with less than £2. This is how feeding pigeons should sound like. I love feeding animals and having a huge park at only a 5 min drive means I do this quite often. Usually we feed the squirrels, pictures here. I also fed swans in Nantwich. For […]