Great Orme Ancient Mines

This weekend we’ve been to Wales. This time we’ve visited Conwy Water Gardens and the Great Orme Acient Mines.

Conwy Water Gardens is a lovely place. There is duck food available to buy and the ducks are very friendly.

We arrived at 10.30pm, perfect time to see the otters. They are hungry and very active and vocal.

The lovely otter, waiting for the food.

I had no idea the otters are carnivore, so it was a surprise to see them eat small chickens and fish. Anyway, they are still lovely and cute.







The Pancakes House. It looked nice inside, but we didn’t stay to eat.

Great Orme Ancient Mine. After reading the conflicting reviews on tripadvisors, I thought we should try it. It was amazing! It was very interesting and it is such an important place for the British History.

It was discovered in 1987, when there was a plan to build a car park, and it completely changed the views of ancient people in Britain.




The safety helmets were very important, as we bumped our heads a few times.

There is still some malachite left.

The Mine can be visited only on 2 levels, from 9.


The passages are very narrow and it’s wet. But this only makes it more interesting.


Hubby was trying to see a smaller passage.


The chamber was so impressive. Unfortunately we couldn’t photograph it entirely.



After visiting the mine, we went to Great Orme.







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Home & Gift, Harrogate, 2013

This week, hubby and I went to Home&Gift trade show in Harrogate. It was a nice drive to there, even if I felt we had to spend too much time passing thru Leeds.

The trade show was as I’ve expected, different than the Jewellery Show in London, but nice. I wasn’t impressed with some exhibitors attitude, some of them were very strange…

But, beside this, I saw interesting products and nice people. I’ve met one of my suppliers and I must admit I was very pleased with his suggestions and explanations. I’m really happy with my choice.

I almost found another supplier… but the lack of interest of their employees was too frustrating. If they aren’t making an effort at a trade show with a potential client that is asking details about the products and the prices… I can’t believe I would be treated better if I place an order online or over the phone.

Also, I saw so many cute things for home. We didn’t plan to visit all the plans, but in the end we saw all the stands.

I received a lovely greeting card with a rottweiler from an exhibitor. It looks lovely, realistic and cute.

Another thing that caught my eyes was a slate stone cupcake stand. The exhibitor had a lot of items from slate stone and all of them looked amazing!

I admired a lovely vintage-style small cabinet, white with painted butterflies. Olive wood kitchen stuff looked very nice too and that exhibitor had a wide and beautiful range.

Next year we’ll visit it again.

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My name is Anca and I am a serial plant killer.

I killed my flowers/plants. I killed hubby’s citrus trees and 3 bonsai (grown from seed). I nearly killed all the plants from my office, they survived only because the cleaning lady begged me to stop “looking after” the plants.

But, I’m persistent and I want to try again and again. The fact that I could grow aromatic plants is a sign that I can grow stuff (hopefully not just what I can eat). So…today, with a little help from Festus, who has a lot of experience in gardening. I planted lovely lilies which I have from friends and ivy.f_01

My lovely lilies. Our friends brought us these flowers after our trip to Wales, idea that came up with the 6th wedding anniversary, without knowing that at our wedding we had lilies. I was so happy when I saw them and so far I didn’t forget to water them.

Ivy for the basket that’s in front of the house. I hope it will grow enough to have a basket full of ivies in the winter.

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Trip to Wales

As I said in the last post, if the weather is fine we planned something special. So, this Friday we went in Wales with friends. We didn’t take Festus with us because we weren’t sure how crowded it would be and what we were visiting next. It was a very wise choice, as our friends had a small problem with the car and we ended up going with our car half of day.

We went to Bala Lake railway for a ride with the Steam train. We made a stop in Llanuwchllyn village, where I saw a lovely small restaurant. The shops and the houses look great, old and with a lot of character, as our friends would say.

From the village I got a lovely set for picnic, pink, to match my picnic blanket (that I didn’t have the chance to use, but there is still time).

After the stop in the village, we went to the train station, we had a very fast picnic and managed to get on the train in time. These are not the real tickets:ttw_00

The trip lasted for 30 minutes and it was fun. Hubby took a lot of pictures.








At Bala station. We didn’t have time to go to Bala, but maybe we’ll visit it next time.

I was eating a chocolate cake and we’d remember that when we’ve meet I was eating something with chocolate too.


A passenger, resting after being very interested in what we were eating.

Another passenger, but he was more interested in the views.


We had a coffee at a lovely place near a lake. This is a camping site with fishing lakes and lovely views.


I’m a diva 🙂

They told us about Ruthin, a small and rustic town.


There was a sign telling us this is the oldest timbered town house in Wales.

I saw the entrance to the Castle by chance and we went to visit Ruthin Castle, that’s a hotel.







It was the first time I saw a peacock with her chicks.


The windows of the hotel rooms.


The interior of the hotel looks amazing. There are a few function rooms and I immediately thought of a small reception for vows renewals.


At the Ruthin’s Castle cafe, having a coffee.


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This month was great and busy at the same time. At the beginning of the month we worked as usual and in the weekends we went to the events in Liverpool or we’ve meat friends… or both.

On 11th I went to London and I’ve stayed there for a few days at a friend. The pictures of her cat and her dog are taken 1 day apart.

In London I had the opportunity to participate at some seminars. I’ve learned a lot in just 2 days and now I can say I have a bigger picture of the jewellery industry. I can’t wait to participate again next year.

The first day I managed to get lost because the GPS wasn’t connecting. Anyway, after I thought of using google maps, turned out to be quite easy to get around.

Continue reading June

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On the Waterfront

The last 3 weekends Liverpool hosted another great event. I was very busy these days and I just had the chance to put some of the pictures taken at the event.

In May it was the 70th anniversary of the battle of the Atlantic. We visited HMS Edinburgh, in Birkenhead.

It was a special event, considering the fact that Cammell Laird opened its gates to the public for the first time in 20 years. After that weekend, the ship was decommissioned. otw_01

After we saw the ship we went to a birthday party and this is why I was dressed so inappropriate for this occasion. Luckily, I’m so used to walk in heels and it wasn’t an issue.



The ship’s kitchen. I forgot to ask if there were any vegetarians on board 🙂


On the 2nd day of the event, 26th May, we went to Liverpool. We visited some very old ships, some of them were over 100 years old.



On Pier Head there was the field gun display and another equipment display. We took a lot of pictures, but it would be too much to show all of them. The queues were too long and we didn’t get the chance of taking photos inside the helicopter or cars.

In the Liver Building it was a model boat exhibition. It was very interesting to hear facts about the ships that were on display from the designers.


Most of the ships had one or even two engines and they were in working condition.

The Battle of the Mersey was one of the most interesting part of the event.

A group of ‘pirates’ capture a local vessel. The Armed Forces went to the rescue. They swoop in over the Mersey in a Sea King helicopter of the Fleet Air Arm supported by assault ships and patrol craft of the Royal Navy. The ship is recaptured and the pirates brought to justice.




The 2nd weekend had a lot of activities more suitable for kids and we didn’t go. It was Albert’s Dock 25th anniversary.

I’ve read about Knowsley’s campaign and it was nice to see the elephants.

This weekend, the last one, was fun. River Mersey Festival was held for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. On Friday we had other arrangements, but we’ve spent the weekend in L1.

Besides Maritime Museum there were some creatures from the docks. I was able to pet a star fish and we admired the natural grace of the squids. All the creatures were fished out in the morning and they were returned in the water in the afternoon. The experts were eager to talk about them and this made it accessible and interesting for kids too.

Saturday was Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013. It was the first time I’ve seen wake-boarders and I enjoyed it, but I prefer the zap cats.


Queen Liz & Sir Walter Raleigh, a contrasting comic duo. They stopped and talked with us, made some jokes.

Yakovlevs Aircraft Acrobatics had 2 shows, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The crowded was impressed by their ability. The best part of the show was the heart they drew with smoke, but it was too big to catch it in a picture.

Zap cat racing were very popular. Hubby and I said we should buy a zap cat and start racing. It was thrilling to see the boats and the race.




Also, there were some performances at Albert Dock or Pier Head. In L1 it was a faire with a few stalls.



Another one of our favourite was Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament. I thought it was boring, but we went to see them anyway. I loved it! Of course I was thinking of buying 2 canoes too.



Brouhaha International Carnival was Sunday morning and it was amazing. I really loved it. The music was entertaining and the costumes very colorful.






The River Mersey Festival finished with Liverpool Arab Arts Festival. It was entertaining to see them dance. I would go again to see them.


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Renting with dog

As you probably know, we have an amazing dog – Festus. In Romania we didn’t have to rent with him, as we had our own apartment.

When Festus and I moved here it was easy because hubby was already here and the landlady said it’s fine if he wants to bring his rottie.

After a few months, in May last year, we moved from Liverpool and we were undecided between Liverpool and Manchester. We had options near Manchester and in Liverpool, but we’ve decided to move to Wirral.

It was a very good idea, we both like Wirral. Near us there is a small forest, a lot of parks, shops, nice restaurants, beach and interesting tourist attractions.

We’ve made a few friends this year, I am a volunteer and I like what I’m doing. All this and the nice landscapes of Wirral were enough to make us decide to look for a house in this area.

We started looking 2 months ago, but we weren’t in a rush. We went to 4-5 agencies and we looked online for properties to rent. We said from the start we don’t want to collaborate with one of them, a very big one, but with quite unpleasant employees.

The 3rd agency was the one that we thought it had potential. We went there and talked for a few minutes, they didn’t ask nothing about us, just what type of properties we are looking for. We booked viewings for 2 houses that were fine from our point of view. Unlike most tenants, we didn’t want a place near a bus station or a school. Both houses were in an industrial aria. That was perfect for us, just a few houses, so less cats. It sounds strange, but the number of cats is a big deal for us with Festus, because he has a high prey drive.

Anyway, the houses didn’t look good. We told the agent we want to see more proprieties and that we had a dog. After 15 minutes, we got a call from the agency.  We were asked where are we from, what breed is Festus. Apparently it made a difference, as in 5 minutes she called again and told him they cannot help us find a place.

We were disapointed. The houses weren’t nice, they didn’t look like in the pictures and I’m sure the landlords would have said it’s fine to let with a dog. Considering the way the houses looked, it was unlikely that Festus would have damaged the place. The lady said she didn’t call the landlords, but she thought they wouldn’t agree, that no landlord would agree.

The 4th agency was the one. We went there and talked with a lovely lady. We told her about Festus and our requirements. Again, we booked viewings for 2 houses and we had low expectations. After the ordeal with the 3rd agency, we thought the houses will be in a bad shape, unlike the pictures on the website. The 1st house we saw was fine. The 2nd one was even better. So, we went back to the agency, told them we want to rent it.

They talked with the landlord and she said she doesn’t mind we have a rottweiler. So, we saw it on Thursday and on Tuesday next week we paid the deposit. Happy ending!

I still don’t think is hard to rent with a dog. We end up renting the 1st house we said we want to rent. It takes time to find a good place, but everybody has issues when they search for a home.

We had a lot of requirements: post office in walking distance, easy to find a parking space, a quieter street and not near a bus station, a green spot close to the house, a yard (even if it’s small), 2 bedrooms, storage space and enough cupboards in the kitchen.

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