Sea Odyssey – Saturday pm

In the afternoon we went to St. George’s Hall to see the Uncle’s awakening. Due to the large number of photos and movies, I’ve made 3 different posts: Saturday am, Saturday pm and Sunday. The Giant was sleeping and snoring very loudly. The crowd from Lime street station. FacebookTwitterPinterest You might also like No related […]

Liverpool docks

We visited some of the south docks. Most of them are part of residential places or business parks. Albert Dock is the most famous. Jesse Hartley designs the dock in 1839, but the construction began in 1841 and in 1845 the dock opens. Albert dock functioned until 1972. Now it hosts a few museums, restaurants […]

Our Easter

Yesterday was the Orthodox Easter. For us, the religious celebrations mean traditional food, spending time at home, having quality-time as a family and getting presents. This year we got a lot of chocolate eggs, taking advantage of the offers we found before and after the British Easter. I dyed eggs again. This time I had […]

British easter and Florii

Yesterday we celebrated the British Easter and the Florii, the Romanian corespondent of Palm Sunday. Hubby’s middle name comes from a flower and on Florii (flower-day) is his name-day. For the Easter celebrations I baked cross buns and I dyed eggs. I like the cross buns and it is not the first time I eat […]

P90X graduate

I’m happy to announce I’m a P90X graduate! This was my last day and the results are better than I hoped! I started 3 times so far, but the computer broke down twice so I had to stop. This time my laptop survived and I was able to finish it…and now I’m a size 8! […]

Age of Dinosaurs

Hubby, a friend and I went to see the special exhibition, Age of Dinosaurs, at World Museum. It would have been better if we had a kid with us… just to justify our presence there, but, even so, it was nice. We took some pictures and we had some laughs. The leaflet I took from […]

Costume Drama tour

Sudley house has a special exhibition: Costume Drama – Fashion from 1790 to 1850. Costume Drama tour it’s a part of the special exhibition and we had the pleasure to listen to Pauline Rushton talk about the dresses. I like the house, it feels warm and welcoming even if it’s a museum. The staff it’s […]


Yesterday we were invited by one of hubby’s friends at VOOO to celebrate the nowruz. Nowruz, or the New Day, is an Iranian celebration marking the first day of spring; occurring on the astronomical Spring Equinox. This is the first day of the Persian new year, being celebrated for over 3,000 years. The signification of […]

Body fat caliper

We women tend to care how much we weight and we tend to ignore the most important thing of all: what does that number mean. We all know two persons with the same height and weight can look very different and we usually “blame” the bone structure, but a different body fat percentage makes a […]