5 year anniversary

Saturday was a very important day for us, our 5 year anniversary from our 2nd wedding (the religious one). So we decided to go see the seals from Hilbre Islands, within the Dee Estuary. The starting point was West Kirby beach, as you can see, the last time we went there the tide was high […]


Yesterday we went to Manchester. After the meetings we went for a stroll in the city center. Manchester’s China town, full of Chinese restaurants, guarded by a gate. In Liverpool there is a similar one. Albert square, in front of the city council. Brazennose Street Lincoln Square This is John Rylands Library. In the center […]

West Kirby Beach

Yesterday we had a great day at West Kirby Beach and Marine lake. We saw Hilbre Islands, they look beautiful. You can click on the panorama to see it bigger. The Hilbre Islands are situated at the mouth of the Dee Estuary and they are important as a stopping-off point for the twice-yearly migration of […]


Hubby had a meeting near Albert Dock, so I took advantage to visit Tate. I took some pictures, but the quality is not very good because I wasn’t allowed to use the flash. Africa… Sawdy, 1971 by Edward Kienholz The exhibit presents a violent scene of racism, viewed through a car window. In the photography […]

Kites in New Brighton

This weekend New Brighton hosted an interesting event: Kites Over The Mersey. It was lovely to see the kites and other lovely things, like the Lighthouse and Fort Perch Rock. In a pool there were remote controlled boats. They look very nice, realistic. On the way to the fort. You can see the Lighthouse in […]

Diamond Jubilee

We aren’t Brits, anyway, not yet. But we celebrate today the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with an Union Jack cake and some sparkling wine. Hubby was very happy with his favorite kind of cake: fruits and whipped cream. Long live the Queen! FacebookTwitterPinterest You might also like What’s cooking part II Pancake day What’s cooking What’s […]

Olympic torch

On Friday, 1st June, the Olympic Torch arrived in Liverpool. We waited for the torch on Edge Lane and ran along with the crowds, like usual 🙂 This 3 old ladies were running as well, they were so nice, full of energy. We went to the event organized by the City Council. When we got […]

Wavertree Botanic Gardens

In Wavertree, Liverpool there is a small botanic garden that looks beautiful. We live close by and visit it quite often. I’ll let the pictures to speak for themselves. FacebookTwitterPinterest You might also like Museums Costume Drama tour Lavender Harvest Old docks, Liverpool 3 Hidden places in Liverpool


18th may was Light Night in Liverpool. We were able to see a lot of the venues opened for this event, but we didn’t took pictures every time. We started with a small display of cardboard houses on Albert Dock. It wasn’t very impressive. At F.A.C.T. we admired the exhibition “Robots and Avatars”. The huge […]

Her Majesty The Queen

The Queen celebrates 60 years as Monarch in 2012. Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Liverpool today as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour. I was so excited when I’ve read the news that they will come here as part of their tour. I’m a monarchist and I was upset I […]