Easter menu

This Easter’s menu included, as usual, “traditional” Romanian dishes and English ones. We’ve got hot cross buns from the supermarket, as I didn’t have enough time to try to make them at home. We had to share the bun on Easter, as the tradition dictates. Drob, it’s a Romanian terrine with lots of spring onion. […]


We’ve visited York during our holiday. I loved the wall with daisies. In two towers there are 2 museums: Henry the VII experience and Richard III experience. We’ve been to the 2nd one and it was interesting. It’s not much to see, obviously, but there are a lot of info panels. We didn’t take the […]

Fountains Abbey and Ripon

We walked Festus before visiting the Abbey. We took a lot of pictures, see here on his blog. Fountains Abbey is an old Cistecian monastery, built over 800 years ago, during the reign of Henry I. We’ve learned a lot about it’s history during the guided tour. It was very enjoyable and the lady told […]

Fair in Harrogate

At the beginning of April I’ve been at a trade fair in Harrogate. It was the 2nd time we’ve been to Harrogate, but this time we’ve stayed for a week and we had a few days of holiday. Festus enjoyed himself the whole week, pictures here. The fair was interesting, different than the ones at […]

Day trip

Yesterday we’ve made a day trip to Anglesey, Wales. As hubby took a lot of pictures, I’ve decided to make 3 more posts about the places we’ve visited. Our first stop was South Stack Cliffs, see more on my blog. This is where I though we can have a lovely morning watching the birds and […]

Penrhyn castle

Penrhyn was the fist 19th century castle that we’ve visited. It was very interesting to see it. We’ve arrived at 3.30pm and there wasn’t enough time to visit all, so we’ll have to visit it again the future. The family made their fortune from sugar cane plantations and later, from slate mines in Wales. They […]

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle is part of CADW. Built under Edward I, as a few other castles in north Wales, including Chirk Castle, that we’ve visited this year. The story behind constructing the castle is impressive and the castle itself is beautiful. The moat had fresh water. Also, the castle had a connection with the Menai Strait […]