My name is Anca and I am a serial plant killer. I killed my flowers/plants. I killed hubby’s citrus trees and 3 bonsai (grown from seed). I nearly killed all the plants from my office, they survived only because the cleaning lady begged me to stop “looking after” the plants. But, I’m persistent and I […]

Trip to Wales

As I said in the last post, if the weather is fine we planned something special. So, this Friday we went in Wales with friends. We didn’t take Festus with us because we weren’t sure how crowded it would be and what we were visiting next. It was a very wise choice, as our friends […]


This month was great and busy at the same time. At the beginning of the month we worked as usual and in the weekends we went to the events in Liverpool or we’ve meat friends… or both. On 11th I went to London and I’ve stayed there for a few days at a friend. The […]

On the Waterfront

The last 3 weekends Liverpool hosted another great event. I was very busy these days and I just had the chance to put some of the pictures taken at the event. In May it was the 70th anniversary of the battle of the Atlantic. We visited HMS Edinburgh, in Birkenhead. It was a special event, […]

Renting with dog

As you probably know, we have an amazing dog – Festus. In Romania we didn’t have to rent with him, as we had our own apartment. When Festus and I moved here it was easy because hubby was already here and the landlady said it’s fine if he wants to bring his rottie. After a […]

Lightnight 2013

This year the weather was better than last year. It started raining as we were heading back to the car. We’ve started the tour of the museums with Tate, which celebrated his 25th anniversary. We didn’t take pictures. I liked a few pieces on display, but not many. Beside the displays I’ve already seen and […]

Circular walk

I’m a big fan of nature, so, walking thru the forest and fields sounds great every time. We were prepared with a map with lots of details. Because we left home at 5pm we had time only for a shorter walk. We parked at Brimstage Hall and jumped the stile in the field near the […]