7 years

7 years ago, hubby (back then he was BF) asked me if I wanted to move with him. I love that period of our life, he was staying near Bucharest in the Physics University’s dorm-rooms and I was clandestine, the doorman knew, but she didn’t care. We were both in the last year of the University, he studied mathematics and computers in Bucharest and I was studding psychology in Constanta (at ~260 km). I used to make 5-6 hours by train to get there…everybody who tried the Romanian Railways and the “personal” knows how nice it is (personal it’s the cheapest option).

We started our life together having part-time jobs while doing research for the graduation thesis and studding for the final exams. We didn’t care it was cold, we didn’t mind we had to wait even 1 hour for a crowded bus, eating unhealthy food… but we had the youth on our side to helps us get over any difficulty.

Hubby had a strange roommate, who was always asking for a knife to cut a can of food… even in the middle of night while we were sleeping or he was asking for the time at very strange hours, like 3 am. That guy was talking about his wife & 3 children, subspace, Jews and his plans regarding selling some subspace… but it was fun. The neighbors from the next room were fun too. We went from time to time to a game room and played Counter Strike with them. One of the neighbors was very upset every time we went because I was the one who “killed” him most of the time.

That was in the past, but I remember with such a joy and warm feeling inside. Now we are living in another country, many things happened in this 7 years, but I’m glad he asked and I’m glad I said “yes”. So…yesterday we celebrated 7 years eating a heart-shaped cake and, by night, going to Limassol for belly dancing.


I had a perfect garlic mushrooms dish. I love them and hubby loved them too, he said he will get this dish next time. After that dish, I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and grilled haloumi. Hubby got his usual lamb kebab with tahini sauce. He managed to convince me to split a desert (even if I’m on a diet and I already ate cake), but I loved the chocolate cake… so all it’s forgiven.

I enjoyed very much the dance while hubby took pictures, as usual. I’m considering taking some belly dancing classes, even if I’m not so found of that music.





Me and my coffee…

P.S. I am a celebrating-freak, have lots of things we celebrate and we always do. If I remember the day of … (when one of many things that happened in our lives)… why not celebrate it? Celebrations mean… cake, a special day and a special dinner, presents (depending of the reason we are celebrating) and having fun. My dear readers… be prepared for many celebrations 🙂

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Museum of Liverpool

Today we went to Museum of Liverpool with some friends.


I wanted a picture with Lion railway locomotive, but it was too crowded, so I got a picture with the kids train.

Hubby and I tried some Chinese clothes.

Overhead Railway motor coach, the only example that survived is on display. This coach is one of a batch built between 1892-1899 and it served until it closed in 1956 and was preserved by British Railways.

And the inside of the motor coach.

If you visit Museum of Liverpool you should try on the helmets, it’s so funny.

In the football section Laura discovered an exhibit from Romania, a bill from 2000. The description was funny: “biggest bill we ever paid: 1,5 million ‘things’ “.

Karaoke section… lots of fun…







The way life was in 1870 in 26 Court, Burlington Street, North Liverpool.

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Laura & Mihai

This Saturday we attended Laura & Mihai wedding in St. Helens, a lovely town near Liverpool. Hubby took some pictures of me in front of the City Hall.w_01


I went to church weddings and civil weddings before, in Romania, but this was the first time I had tears in my eyes. It was a very emotional ceremony because it was about them, not about law or God or something else. The woman who performed the ceremony talked about love and the commitment they are making to each other in a warm way. I loved it. I’d like very much a similar ceremony for our vows renewal, something we’re thinking of pretty often lately, but this is another discussion.



I mentioned the food, so lets talk about the wild mushrooms fettuccini. A lovely pasta dish with warm rocket, red onions and goat cheese. I enjoy a dish with different aromas like this one. The bitterness of the rocket was increased by the warmth, the onions were sweet and the sour cheese gave a nice touch to the fettuccini. I likes all this flavors blended together. I’ll definitely try to make it at home. For desert I had a white chocolate tart, nice flavor, I would try it again.

I had to have a picture with the golfing carts.


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What’s cooking

One of my biggest hobby is cooking. Considering I get bored very easily, I always want to try different things or make the old recipes in a new way. I’ll show you a few dishes I’ve made this past weeks.

Crepes with mushrooms, mozzarella and grated cedar. Very good and easy to make. I make the crepes, after that I stir fried the mushrooms, I put some spices (parsley, thyme) and salt. I fill the crepes with the mushrooms and grated mozzarella, and I put them in the oven for a few minutes. After I get them out of the oven I sprinkle grated cedar on top.wc_01

And, of course, spicy oil.

Another dish is cauliflower schnitzels with mash potatoes and a mix salad. I boiled the cauliflower. I made a paste with the mashed cauliflower, eggs and a bit of flour. I fried the schnitzels in very little oil, flip them over a few times, until they were done.

Today I’ve made a potato salad and fried mozzarella. I boiled the potatoes and purred a spicy butter sauce (thyme, marjoram, rosemary, salt). I cut the mozzarella, powdered it with flour and cornmeal, then fried it in a drop of oil (in a non-stick pan).

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In city

Yesterday we went for a walk in the city. I am very happy with the weather in UK. As you can see in the photos, the weather is mild. I can put on a skirt and of course, my thin jacket from Kenvelo.


We saw the protestants from “Occupy Liverpool”.


This pictures were taken on The Lime Street station. In the 1st picture I was paying attention to a joke made by a rail-station worker.


I am sure I will not love everything in UK… but so far I can’t find something bad :))

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Christmas and boxing day

My first Christmas in UK was very nice and very different. The only Romanian food I was able to make was “cozonac” (it’s similar to the Italian panettone, but with raisins, walnuts and cocoa). Besides this I’ve made houmus, mushrooms with mayonnaise, stuffed eggs and other appetizers. For the main course I had halumi (hubby had something meaty) with baked potatoes and green salad with mozzarella (baby spinach, rocket and watercress). For desert I’ve made a carrot cake. Usually I cook more food and more traditional, but I think this year’s menu was much better.


We had mince pies, I didn’t like the first one but right now I am a big fan. We will get another batch these days.

The boxing day was great. I got some clothes… and a fantastic pair of reindeer socks.


I wish you all Happy Holidays!

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