Southport, a lovely city near the Irish Sea. Yesterday we went there, hubby had a meeting and I took advantage to go for a walk on the coast. As usual, the ducks are so friendly and eager to eat. I had nothing for them, unfortunately. Seagulls on Marine Lake. They are very friendly as well. […]

Photo shoot

Today’s photo shoot. A simple outfit, but with great accessories. My H&M bag, with a lovely design and colour. Marks & Spencer, as usual. I love them, they are so comfy and I love their heel. A new line of products from Magic Accessories*. You might also like No related posts.


This is a panoramic view of Liverpool. The Irish Ferry with the destination Belfast. It looks very nice, but I the last time I was on a ferry I said I’ll avoid them. The Seacombe ferry (Birkenhead – Liverpool). This is one of the ventilation shafts of the Mersey tunnels. The other ventilation shaft. We […]

Halloween muffins

I’m preparing for Halloween with some special cupcakes with cinnamon: I can’t wait to try new recipes for Halloween. You might also like Our Easter Vegetarian Christmas Autumnal recipes Vegetarian Christmas Ideas Superfoods

Birkenhead Park Festival of Transport

This weekend was the 5th annual event Birkenhead Park Festival of Transport. We saw a lot of interesting things, like horse vaulting with a horse from Pony Sanctuary, dog training, owls, model boats, stalls with jewellery, cookies, vintage cars, historic military vehicles, fire trucks and many other things. Enjoy! You might also like No related […]

Our neighbor

Let me present you our neighbor. It appears uninvited but we like him very much and he is always welcome. He never accepts something to eat and I tried to persuade him with all kinds of food, even special food for him. He talks endlessly. Yesterday he stood with me in the kitchen while I […]

My name day

Yesterday was my name day, we celebrated with a chocolate cheesecake, a special dinner and a lovely walk. We visited Wirral Transport Museum as well. We had the opportunity to take a ride in the tram 20, from 1901. Pretty high, isn’t it? The Ferry to Liverpool. Back to the museum. There are some interesting […]

Leasowe Lighthouse

Leasowe Lighthouse, the first brick built lighthouse in UK. It’s here, on the north coast of Wirral, to the Irish sea. It was build in 1763 by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Authority. The lighthouse is 101 ft tall and it’s the second oldest brick built lighthouse in Europe. It has a nice history, one […]