TMLewin label detail


I don’t talk much about men’s fashion, but last time I’ve been with my husband at Metquarter to get a couple more TMLewin shirts, I though I should write about it on the blog. Have a look on TMLewin’s website and on metquarter for more details. I like their shirts too, if you remember my […]

Pizza at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

My husband and I like Pizza Hut, having found memories from Romania. We’ve also been in Pizza Hut in Liverpool, but I didn’t blog about it. So, imagine how excited I was to be asked if I want to review their new Epic pizza*. See more on their website. I got a gift voucher in […]

Mary Berry's tips & tricks

Mary Berry’s tips & tricks

Mary Berry’s tips & tricks are a list of tips I’ve read in her book, Mary’s household tips & tricks. Your guide to happiness in the home. The book was published last year by Penguin Random House UK. I wanted to borrow it from the library. Soon after publishing it was reserved, and I forgot […]


July Roundup

We’ve had a few weeks of intense heat, so I definitely must mention them in this July Roundup. I’m not too keen on hot weather and tanning, so I’ve used huge amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen these days. The heat made us look for alternative activities and we’ve been kayaking a lot. Besides this, I’ve […]

Michael Eden at Waddesdon Manor

Michael Eden at Waddesdon Manor

Michael Eden’s Form & Transform collection at Waddesdon Manor is so beautiful I thought it deserves a special post. I will talk about the manor another time. Michael Eden was born in 1955, in Blackburn, Lancashire. He trained as a potter, before completing an MPhil at Royal Collefe of Art. Using 3D modelling and printing, […]

Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Next post in my Travel Memories Series is about Kaliakra, Bulgaria. We’ve been to Kaliakra with Festus, so you’ll be able to see him in the pictures. The site is dog friendly and I loved that. Cape Kaliakra is located in northeastern Bulgaria. It is only 60 km of Varna and 80 km of Constanta, […]

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

I love reading. The question is now, do I prefer fiction or Non-fiction? For years I though I would rather read stories, novels, fiction. It seems is not quite true. Two years ago I was wondering if I failed in my reading challenge, or, better said, how much I failed in it. See the details […]

First World Nightmares

First World Nightmares

My husband and I have nightmares sometimes, although they are more like bad dreams, and not actually nightmares where we end up screaming. Because they are so mundane, I had to call them First World Nightmares. As both have something in common, I though it will be fun to share them on my blog. I […]

passiflora in bloom

My Passiflora

Today I’m going to talk about my Passiflora. My mother send a pack of passiflora seeds a bit over five years ago. My husband and I planted the seeds and, from all, one picked up and grew and grew. After an year or so, we’ve moved to our new home and we took the passiflora […]