Herbs in the window sill

With the exception of the rosemary, which was bought from a National Trust garden, all of them are grown from seeds. The chillies are huge and they started to produce flowers and chilli. In the right pot I have hot chilli, sage and chilli. In the left one I have rosemary, dill and chives. Last […]

Walking the dog, pics

Every morning hubby and I walk the dog on different routes near our house. It is not a chore, but a joy. The fruits look yummy, didn’t try them though. The cat wasn’t that happy to see us, but I’m blaming Festus for that. He didn’t see her, so no pulling this time. Every time […]


We’ve been to Harrogate for the Home&Gift trade show. It’s not the first time we are visiting the fair, we’ve been last year too. We planned to go to Bettys Tea Rooms, but it was so crowded that it was a queue outside the restaurant! We, obviously, weren’t the only ones who wanted to go […]

Sports Supplements

Even if I do avoid taking supplements like vitamins, I feel that sports supplements are essential while training. I don’t take vitamins only because I don’t feel I really need them. I believe that a highly diversified diet has a greater impact than a vitamin pill and we do tend to eat healthy anyway. My […]

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall is a Tudor building in Cheshire, only 50 min. drive from home. I have no idea why we didn’t visit it sooner. It was a family home and it was in the Moreton family until they donated it to National Trust. At times it had tenant farmer, but it was kept in […]

7th wedding anniversary

I consider myself a romantic, but I’m definitely not the Paris&red roses&diner-at-a-restaurant type. I rather have a special diner at home, just the two of us, no fuss, no other people around us. For me the flowers my husband gave me at our first date, 11+ years ago, are more romantic. Or the flowers we […]

Gretna Green

For our anniversary, we’ve visited Gretna Green. It’s a lovely village near the Scottish border. The Blacksmith shop was the first building in Gretna and this was the place where the run-away couples were getting married. In the first room of the Blacksmith museum there are a few stories about elopements and a few wedding […]


I love feeding squirrels, it’s a very relaxing way to spend an hour. I also love the parents that are bringing their kids in the park and teach them how to interact with wild life, to respect and love the animals. This time hubby made a movie, lots of hungry squirrels and a few pigeons. […]