Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle is a castle with 700+ years of history. We’ve wanted to visit it last weekend, but we were too busy then. Today we’ve visit it and taken the guided tour. The front gate looks amazing, so imposing and nicely crafted. The gate is not in the original place. The castle, as it can […]


Yesterday we went to Chester. We had a few spare hours and we walked in the city center, a delight as always. We’ve tried to have a meal outside, but hubby thought it was too cold and we moved inside. The food was great, nachos and burrito, it’s something I’ll make at home when I […]

Pride and Prejudice

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” At Lyme Park this winter was celebrated the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. We’ve been yesterday, in the last weekend of the celebrations. The original costumes from the BBC series of […]


Yesterday I went on a day trip to London. I took the train, as time was an issue and I had to get back on the same day. The reason for going there was to visit Pure London. I wasn’t impressed with Olympia, I had higher expectations from the venue. Maybe because the other fair […]

Spring fair

This week we’ve been at Spring fair, NEC. The fair was great, I’ve had the chance to talk with a lot of interesting people. We had a little chat with the organization that we are members of. I’ve placed an order with a new supplier and I had two new suppliers on my short list. […]

Riverside museum and Tall ship

As I’m very busy at the moment, it took longer to finish this post about Riverside Museum and Tall ship, two very interesting attractions in Glasgow. I loved the street built in the museum, with all the stores and the underground station. We’ve seen a photographer’s studio with the decor and we’ve had our picture […]


This weekend we’ve been to Scotland’s Trade Fair at SECC in Glasgow. The fair was smaller than I thought, but we had the opportunity to meet nice people and, maybe, suppliers. So far so good. View from the parking lot. In the front it’s an arena, SECC is in the background and further away is […]

Liverpool Cathedral

We’ve been to Liverpool Cathedral a few times, but this was the 1st time when we’ve taken the tour and went on the tower too. It was exciting visiting the Tower. There are 2 lifts and 108 stairs thru the bell chamber. They don’t seem too much, but the draft makes the trip a little […]

Michael Schumacher

When I saw yesterday, on FB, that Schumacher had another accident, this time skying I was shocked and I hope he will recover as always. I remember when he had the accident in 1999, I was watching the race and I told my mother it was Schumacher’s car before it was announced. He had a […]


This weekend we went to MOSI, the Science Museum in Manchester. After time&money wasted at Thinktank in Birmingham I had very low expectations and the fact that it was free (we were asked for a voluntary donation) made a difference. After visiting it, I can say the two museums can’t be compared. MOSI is very […]