7 Good things

1. Loosing weight: 400g. I’ve lost 400g from 8th January to 15th January (when I weighted myself), while eating in average 1946 calories and doing 7 workouts of P90X3. I’m very happy with the result and still working hard to loose a little extra weight. 2. Leather-look sofas. This week, while we were window shopping, […]

New boots from ASOS

I bought a pair of beautiful boots from Asos last week, taking advantage of their sale, only £31. Even if it’s not a great idea to wear new footwear on a long journey, I had them on for a day in London. It was great, very comfy and the heel height is perfect for everyday. […]

Life is short, eat dessert first

This is how our kitchen wall looks like. We’ve painted a funny motivational quote near the kitchen sink. Hubby and I discussed a lot about what we’ll write. After choosing 2 quotes and discussing about them for a long time, we’ve decided for: “Life is short, eat dessert first”. Although I can’t see the downside […]

8 Good things

As on Sunday we’ve been to London, I had to postpone the blog for a day. This is my good things list for last week: 1. New boots. I found some lovely new boots at Asos. As I don’t wear real leather, finding boots that I really like and happen to fit can be a […]

Ready for a coffee-date

Hubby and I had a coffee-date. I wanted to go to local a coffee shop, checked it online to be sure it’s open… and it was closed. We’ve ended up at Costa, not exactly what we’ve planed for, but very nice anyway. I know it’s January, but there were 9 degrees outside and we took […]

Pull up bar

Yesterday the pull up bar arrived and hubby installed it. I’m so happy, I’ve waited for such a long time to have a pull up bar again. I love weight training, the feeling after the workout and competing with myself to do more reps every week are amazing. Hubby and I train together as it’s […]