Bonfire night

We went for the fireworks display at Sefton Park, as we did in the last 3 years. It is impressive, as it lasts almost 20 minutes and there are so many people, it’s very nice. But, on our way to the park we saw a real bonfire, so hubby turned the car and we went […]


This Halloween was strange and that should be a good thing for a Halloween, isn’t it? I’ve pained my face with green makeup but with the flash is not that visible. And no lipstick for a more horror look 😀 We stayed at home even thou we’ve received a lovely invitation to a Halloween party. […]

My boy in the garden

My boy is having fun in the garden. I’m so happy we’ve decided to start with the garden and now he can play on the grass. On our daily walks, we’ve seen that we’ll be in walking distance from a new park. On the board explaining the project is mentioned the deadline: Spring 2015. Isn’t […]

Lawn update

In the middle of September I sow grass seeds hoping it will be enough time for the grass to grow before moving in. It was tricky sowing so late and only a couple of days after removing the concrete slabs. The soil is not the best and it was another issue to worry about. We’ve […]

Buying property

As I mentioned in the post Put the Kettle on top, we are moving in our new house in a few weeks. This is not the first property we buy, the first one was a flat (we’ve finalized the paperwork a couple of weeks after the wedding: that is a 1st year of marriage test […]