Women’s day

In Eastern Europe the 8th of march has a very special meaning: women’s day. It’s a day that celebrates the woman regardless if she is a mother or not. Of course we celebrate this year too. I asked hubby to make it a special day out and he said yes. Fortunately we had a lovely […]

British Pie Week

5th – 11th march is the British Pie Week! Hubby insisted we should celebrate this great holiday by eating pie every day. So today I’ve made apple pies. Enjoy! I decided to update the old post as the pie I made a few years ago didn’t look as good as the one I made this […]


Hubby gave me a lovely martisor this year. It arrived today and I’m so happy. He got a fish from Butler & Wilson. I love their jewellery… bold, colorful and beautiful. I’ll wear it tomorrow evening when we go out. For the readers that don’t know the meaning of martisor: “Mărțișor (Romanian pronunciation: [mərtsiʃor]) is […]

Wild geese

update! wild geese by night: Today we went in St. Helens. Hubby and a friend had a meeting with Paul Sculthorpe, former Saints captain, at Saints Stadium. A picture taken at the stadium. Meanwhile I went shopping in the town for a while. I got a nice compliment from a old gentleman: “you look like […]

Pancake day

Today is pancake day and we had to celebrate it by eating a lot of pancakes. This time I’ve made 3 different types. simple pancakes pancakes with apple, honey and cinnamon pancakes with dates I hope everybody enjoyed pancakes today! FacebookTwitterPinterest You might also like Our Easter Pancake Day Homemade popcorn What’s cooking #5 Baking […]

Formby sand dunes

We went at Formby – Sefton’s Natural Coast. Laura mentioned it and today we went there. Here is the parking lot near the sand dunes. It looks great, but it was a little windy and we didn’t stay too long. We liked the walk on the beach and the sand dunes are nice, so we […]

7 years

7 years ago, hubby (back then he was BF) asked me if I wanted to move with him. I love that period of our life, he was staying near Bucharest in the Physics University’s dorm-rooms and I was clandestine, the doorman knew, but she didn’t care. We were both in the last year of the […]

Museum of Liverpool

Today we went to Museum of Liverpool with some friends. I wanted a picture with Lion railway locomotive, but it was too crowded, so I got a picture with the kids train. Hubby and I tried some Chinese clothes. Overhead Railway motor coach, the only example that survived is on display. This coach is one […]

Laura & Mihai

This Saturday we attended Laura & Mihai wedding in St. Helens, a lovely town near Liverpool. Hubby took some pictures of me in front of the City Hall. I went to church weddings and civil weddings before, in Romania, but this was the first time I had tears in my eyes. It was a very […]