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South Stack Cliffs

South Stack Cliffs is one of the RSPB’s nature reserves. I’ve seen pictures of the cliffs and I’ve wanted to visit the reserve and to spot puffins. It was windy, but we’ve expected that.ssc_01

The view is amazing and the cliffs are beautiful.

Hubby spotted a bird of prey on a cliff. I was under the impression it is a hawk, but I can be wrong.

Sorry for the quality of the picture, the lens is not very suitable for taking pictures of wildlife.

Ellin’s Tower is part of RSPB’s reserve and it’s open during the summer.

We’ve visited the tower. The RSPB member told us about the puffins and other birds. There are some binoculars there and they can be used for free (of course they told us about joining and the staff was a little pushy, maybe it would be better to let visitors enjoy their day and have an entrance fee).

I was impressed to see many people at the reserve. The car park was full at 10.30 in the morning and there were a lot of people prepared to go on walks on a windy, wet, cold day.



The isle with the lighthouse wasn’t open to the public, it will open at the beginning of April. The South Stack lighthouse is still functioning. We were able to reach the bridge to the isle. There are lovely views of the cliffs, so it was worth it.






Hubby, I am so happy he was paying attention, spotted puffins!!! A breeding pair of puffins, who came to see if there are others. The small dots of the rock, I’ve put a larger image of them.

At first, even with the binoculars, I thought the birds hubby saw where another species. But, when I saw the photo at home I was sure they are puffins!! The orange feet are not lying.

I believe many people would prefer a sunny beach with blue clear water. I don’t. I love the cliffs, the roughness is my favourite part of nature. It’s so beautiful and wild. It’s not comfortable, it’s windy and cold, but at the same time it is powerful and magnetic. I can’t wait to go back in 2 months time to see the bird colonies nesting and the lighthouse.

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