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Transforming the porch

The house didn’t have a lot of curb appeal when we’ve bought it and there still are some things that we need to sort out, like the driveway (1st on our list for next Spring).

The porch was unusable, as it’s very obvious even in the pictures. It is quite small, but there is enough space to store a couple of shoes, jackets and Festus’s lead. Also, the interior door has big windows and a downside is we had little to no privacy in the evening, with the lights on.

In the beginning we’ve wanted to extend the porch, add one more square meter (to remain within the 3sqm allowed without applying for planning permissions). But it would have been too much of a hassle, even without building permissions, and quite expensive. So, as it didn’t worth the effort to get an extension, we looked into other solutions.

Hubby came up with a great idea, applying frosted film on the windows. It was great! We’ve ended up spending under £50 and we’ve installed the film in a few hours!
It is quite easy to apply, I took a lot of pictures to make another post with details and tips&tricks, if anyone is in the mood for a light DIY.

I put the potted plants near the window in a futile attempt that we’ll have more privacy.

I love the way it looks now. We have a lot of privacy even in the evenings. Another great aspect of the film is that we still have a lot of natural light coming thru the windows.

The film sticks to the window with a very good adhesive. This makes it ideal in a porch, as it’s a circulated area. Other options, like vertical blinds weren’t as suitable, as it would have been impossible to have hooks for jackets.

We’ve installed the film a couple of weeks ago and so far I have no complaints about it.

porch 05

porch 06


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  1. I love how you’ve turned a tricky space in your house into a useful one! Now you don’t have to worry about people seeing into your house, or seeing your coats hanging up – great!! 🙂

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