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10 Good things

When you are reading this post, I’m in London. I’m sure a few good things happened since I scheduled this post, but I might include those in another good things update.

1. London. Since we’ve got the caravan, we had a trip every month, even if it was only a couple of nights away. My husband, Festus and I love caravanning, it’s a fab way to go on holidays while having your own things with you. I planned a few things for this trip, I hope I’ll have time to do most of them.

2. Shopping. My husband and I went shopping twice and both times I found nice things. I don’t understand why sometimes I can’t find anything and sometimes I just find lots of things I want to buy. Well, I should enjoy the moments when I find what I’m looking for.


3. Going to Carlisle. On our trip to Hadrian’s wall, we stopped again in Carlisle. I like this town a lot, the city center is not that busy and there are so many shops to chose from.


4. Funny dog in Lidl car park. He was sitting and waiting for his owner. He barked only when I was too close, just after taking the picture. As soon as I stepped over that imaginary line that made him guard, he stopped. He was so funny. Festus did this once, it was hilarious.


5. Exercising in the park. I usually prefer to workout at home, but in the summer is better to take advantage of the fresh air. I’m not keen on running, so having a place where I can enjoy exercising is great. I also like that the park is full of people doing all sort of sports, running, playing football, exercising at machines or having a class outside.


6. Belted Galloway. Isn’t she a beauty? I saw her on our trip to Hadrian’s Wall, but it didn’t fit in the posts I had about the holiday, so instead I shared her picture here. It’s too cute not to show her.

7. Prosecco. For our 2nd home anniversary we’ve opened a bottle of Prosecco, we had a lovely meal and we’ve remembered how complicated it was to get our home.

8. Baking. I’m baking again one of the challenges from the Bake Off and it’s going good. I had a disaster, but I learned from that one and now I know how to make perfect Viennese whirls. Only by trying (and failing) I can develop and learn, so it’s a good thing. It didn’t seem like that at the time, but after the 2nd batch turned out perfect, I was very happy.

9. My husband. I think I should mention him at every good things post. I try not to, but he is great.

10. Soup&smoothie. In June I’ve started a challenge to have a smoothie everyday. I did it. In July I’ve decided to add a twist: soup or smoothie, depending on what I can get. The idea was to add even more fresh fruits or veggies in my diet, especially if I’m busy and I don’t have time to cook from scratch. It was a great idea and it’s manageable. Now I’m starting to get used to soup or smoothie each day. I will continue to keep track, to see how long I can do it.

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  1. Caravanning is amazing! We used to do it all the time as a child and I’d love to get a camper van or something and tour around.

    Corinne x

  2. It’s always good to focus on the good things <3 Love this! Might steal this idea from you for an eventual blog post!

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