Knowsley safari park

Yesterday we went to Knowsley safari park. It was AMAZING!!!! The park was opened in 1970 by the Earl of Derby. It was the first in north of England. Many of the animals from the park are bred here, like elephants, lions, rhino, baboons, deers and the smaller animals too. Prepare for a long post […]

Pancake day

As usual, we celebrate pancake day with lots of pancakes and crepes. In the morning we started with crepes with sour cherry jam. At lunch we had crepes with fried mushrooms and cheddar. I wrapped the mushrooms in the crepes and I baked them for a few minutes, until the cedar has melted. Yummy!! We […]

Chinese new year

This year we went to the celebrations held for the Chinese new year. I’m sorry last year we’ve missed them, as it was so interesting. In Chinatown there was an outdoor market with food and different traditional items. I loved the dragon slippers and the stuffed snakes. Hubby didn’t take many pictures because it was […]

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In Romania I was a Manager and so I had the “pleasure” of handling both personal and business bank accounts with different banks. I always had to have a big handbag when I was going to the bank(s), because I had to carry with me the stamp(s), a letter of empowerment, and other stuff. The […]

Moving together

Sunday we had the fair I wanted to talk about it, but 8 years ago we moved in together. Yesterday morning was cloudy, so we thought we’ll have to postpone going to Liverpool. But after 12, the sun came so we decided to go, as planned, to the Wheel of Liverpool. We both loved the […]