June 2023

British volunteers are working in Ukraine and are being targeted by the russian army. As usual, I will start with a short paragraph about the war. The russian destruction of the Kakhovka dam led to so much destruction, which is ongoing, despite little media coverage. Richard who is volunteering at FrontLine Kitchen was targeted by […]

Yume Tea

Yume Tea

I tried Yume Tea when I visited Cream Dream in London. I loved the buckwheat tea and asked them if they sell the tea, but they didn’t. Meanwhile, the ones that are selling to Cream Dream have started their own business, selling buckwheat tea. You can get it from their website. I see that it’s […]

Karmana Northampton - outside


Karmana is a vegan Indian restaurant in Northampton. We went there for lunch and I liked the place, so I’m mentioning it on my blog. The staff is friendly and the food was as good. I like the decorations as well. I picked three starters instead of a main and I shared some with my […]

Abington Park Museum

Abington Park Museum

Abington Park Museum is another free and wonderful museum in Northampton. After sharing lots of pictures of shoes among other stuff, from Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, today I’m sharing highlights from the second museum. This is a military museum in a park where, on the day we visited it, was a band playing the […]


Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

We’ve been to Northampton for the special exhibition I blogged about, This war painted: an exhibition by Ukrainian artists, and I wanted to make another post about two free museums in the city, but with 13 pictures only for the first one, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, I will talk about the second one in […]

view from the tower

University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford

I lived in Oxford for a while a few years ago, but in our trip this month I’ve climbed the stairs of the tower of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. I passed by the church dozens of times, as it’s right in the centre, on High Street, close to Examinations School (where […]


Monkey Forest

We’ve been to Monkey Forest twice and we both had an amazing time. So, this week we’ve visited them again. If I lived in Stoke-on-Trent I would have bought a membership. But, we’re not, so I took advantage of the fact that my husband had a meeting nearby to convince him seeing the monkeys is […]

This war painted: an exhibition by Ukrainian artists

This war painted: an exhibition by Ukrainian artists is a temporary exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. The artwork can be purchased and some of the paintings were already sold when I visited this weekend. It opened on Saturday. Enjoy the artwork, check their website for more details if you can and want to […]

Meols Hall back

Meols Hall

Meols Hall dates back to the 12th century and it is still a family home. The house has been in the Hesketh family for 27 generations, that’s really impressive. The house was open for 2 days in May and it will be open for a month since mid-August. It is worth a visit and the […]