3rd year in UK

Today is the anniversary of the day I arrived in UK. Last year I’ve wrote an article about my new life, focusing mainly on what I like.

This year I want to write of how I feel. In the last 3 years so many things have changed, as a natural process of evolving through new experiences. Improving different aspects of me or my life is something that I’m always striving for.
By moving to UK, I had the opportunity to learn about a very new approach to everyday living. Not only that, but also, I was able to see the positive aspects. I observe and analyse, and having studied psychology only emphasized my natural tendency. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy with me, I’m always happy with me (well, that’s the high self-esteem talking), but I know I can be an even better me.

I’m constantly looking for my limits, because I want to push them further. Realizing you want something it’s only the first step. I had (and have) to find the means and motivation to make all the changes I want to. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m on the right track.
Now I am able to let go more easily of things that use to annoy me a lot. If there is nothing I can do in a situation, what’s the point in holding to anger or any sort of bad feelings? Sounds pretty basic, but we all know is hard sometimes. It’s an ongoing process, sometimes I talk about things that annoy me, sometimes I can let go in a matter of seconds.

Another thing is that I can enjoy simple things, like nature in a more peaceful way. I always loved going for walks, no matter how was the weather, but now I don’t feel a rush to go faster. I can relax more easily and for an workaholic this is a huge progress. I’m still driven, I still need plans and spreadsheets and I still have so many ideas that I drive my husband insane (it’s a miracle we are still together after renovating the house).

Now I can only embrace the changes and have patience (another aspect, obviously) to internalize the peace.

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