About me

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Anca. I’m an expat who has been living in the Liverpool area for the last 9 years. After moving to UK, I wanted to record my new adventures, and this is how this blog was born, almost at the same time. Here, on ancaslifestyle, I’m talking, as the name suggests, about my life. I travel often around the UK and I share posts with round-ups or, more likely, with descriptions and lots of pictures of the places I visit. Besides, I’m also sharing snippets from my daily life, from home renovations and decor to pictures with my lovely 11-year old dog, Festus.

In 2019 I’ve started studying part time at Oxford University, History. I have a BA in Psychology. I will share the odd post about my studies, but not too often.

a picture of me

As the whole purpose of the blog was to have a diary, most of the posts contain positive things and happy moments because I love to read them again and again, as the years pass by. I like to talk about beauty and fashion, from time to time, so you’ll see posts about the cruelty-free cosmetics I use. I sometimes share outfit-of-day kind of post, but not too often, as I’m not keen on fast fashion and most of the items of clothing I buy I would wear them for years.

Cooking and reading are two passions of mine, and I’ve created two more blogs for them. Firstly, my vegetarian (~50% of the recipes are vegan, the vegetarian ones are older) food blog is called CookStyle. There you can see new recipes each week, maybe twice, depending on how much time I have. I’m doing a few challenges that you might find interesting. I baked along the Great British Bake Off each year for the last few years and that was interesting. Besides this I’m doing Taste the World challenge, in which I’m making a dish or a few from all parts of the world. There is a round-up on my blog, to see my progress. Furthermore, I have a special round-up with recipes I’m cooking while camping with the caravan.

For book reviews, have a look at my book blog, called Coffee and Books. I’m mostly sharing book reviews and sometimes I do round-ups with different themes. As you can imagine, as a History student, I’m sharing lots of history books reviews, but I’m also sharing reviews for books on climate change, philosophy, psychology, economics, and science, besides a few works of fiction.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories, you can follow me on bloglovin, Instagram, and twitter.

Check my PR page for more details, if you want to work with me. You can also contact me at anca@ancaslifestyle.co.uk.