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Last year I talked about my advent calendar, in Make Your Own advent calendar. My husband and I enjoyed it so much that this year we are going to make it again. The experience of last year means that this year will be better, more in line with what works for us.

Advent calendar on the fireplace

This is the bunting, with the days. Each day there were three types of tasks: food, drink, and games. It seems pretty straight forward, doesn’t it. Well, it does. The only problem is the food part. As we were playing the games and having the drinks in the evening, it was a bit annoying that I needed to know the “food task” before, so I know what to prepare or buy. Furthermore, we bought some biscuits and German type of cookies, that didn’t appear on the food task. So, this year I’m not going to add a food task, as it will change depending on what I’m making those days.

In December I want to make all sorts of biscuits and freeze some for Christmas. This way, on Christmas day we will have lots of different biscuits, but only a few, and also that I don’t have too much to do in the two days before Christmas when it comes to biscuits. For me that is a win-win situation. Having homemade biscuits means we are not as eager to buy desserts from the supermarket, so it’s a healthier option, as I’m always using less sugar.

Advent Calendar

These were our tasks last year, starting from top left with the first day and going all the way to the 24th on bottom right. Setting up random games means that it happened to get the same game on consecutive nights. This is something we wouldn’t have done, so it was fun. This year we bought a few more games, so I might put two games on the cards, for the games that take less time to play. Besides, we have a GCHQ puzzle book we are going to play from each evening, a puzzle or two. As for drinks, they will be the same as last year, with addition of mulled wine, along with Christmas inspired cocktails, hot chocolate, and winter tea. It’s very easy to make alcohol free mulled wine and mocktails, if we are not in the mood for something stronger.

Do you make your own advent calendar or do you buy it?

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  1. I bought my own advent calendar, but this year it was a beauty one for the first time. I do like the idea of making your own, but I just don’t think I have the patience for it. Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. What an interesting take on an Advent calendar! My kids had a felt tree that they added little plastic ornaments to each day (velcro). They’re long grown, but I still have it and the box is marked for who began on the first each year so it could be alternated who got even and odd. I always got to put the star on top for Christmas day. 🙂

  3. I have never thought of making my own advent calendar! But one day, I would want to make my kids one! I want their calendar to do a good deed each day for 24 days. So when they are a bit older, I will make one!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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