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Anna Loka

Anna Loka is a vegan restaurant in Cardiff. I was excited to try vegan food, so I’ve added this restaurant to my to-go-to list in our holiday in Wales.
I saw on their website that Anna means food and Loka means world in Sansksrit.

Anna Loka - Outside

They boast that this it the first vegan restaurant in Cardiff, how exciting is that?

Anna Loka - artwork on the wall

The wall is carved with the picture of Adam El Tagoury, a Hare Krishna monk and entrepreneur, owner of the restaurant. I really liked the carvings on the wall. On the opposite wall is a lady, singing. I couldn’t take a closer picture, as it was where we had our table.
I like that the restaurant has a story and the owner is vegan as well.

Anna Loka - Detail of wall decorations

We got our table and water was brought up fast. We looked at the menu. As usual, it was hard for us to pick what to have in a vegan restaurant, there are so many amazing sounding options to chose from. We’ve decided, as we always do, to order two different things and share them.

Anna Loka - nut roast

ANNA-LOKA nut roast with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower, stem broccoli, and homemade gravy was my choice. I loved it. My husband less so, because he is not keen on roast. But I loved it. I would order this again without a doubt. The veggies were cooked perfectly and that gravy was delicious.

Anna Loka - Wrap

Doner wrap, made with thinly sliced seitan, spanish olives, pickled tofu, slaw, tomatoes, cornichons, rocket, and garlic mayo. It was served with muhammara, nachos, and salad, and this was my husband’s option. We both liked it a lot. The seitan was so good and the pickled tofu was delicious too. I’d have this again and my husband said the same thing.

Anna Loka - triple cooked potatoes

Triple cooked potatoes with homemade ketchup is a side dish and we’ve ordered that to share, without knowing how big the portions would be. These were delicious, but we couldn’t eat all of them.

The food was great and the location is lovely, so I would definitely recommend this restaurant. It doesn’t look busy in the pictures because I took them at different times, avoiding having any other customers in the pictures.

Anna Loka - Restaurant inside

Anna Loka is on 114 Albany Rd, Cardiff, CF24 3RU. There are on-street parking spaces free for 2 hours, so that’s pretty great. I imagine there are more parking spaces on nearby roads as well. They have a discount for students at the moment. Here is their website if you want to see more.

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  1. It is not easy to find a pure vegan restaurant and glad they look good. Love that they have free parking for two hours means people will visit there. Definitely great for business. Food looks nice!

  2. I think I prefer your husband’s choice, as I am not a fan of a nut roast (though I do love nuts). The wrap looks delicious.

  3. We very nearly went to Cardiff last year and then our plans changed. I’ll be curious to see your Wales posts! The potatoes here look especially good.

  4. My mouth is watering!! I can’t imagine having an entire restaurant with vegan items from which to choose. Here, I’m lucky to have even one item that can pass for vegan. It all looks delicious! I like the atmosphere of the restaurant, too.

    1. The amount of veg*n options in UK is amazing, but a few years ago it was not like this. When I moved here there were only a few options, but now the supermarkets have bigger and bigger shelve space with veg*n foods and there are more and more restaurants too. Hopefully things will change in US too in the next few years. xx

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