In Romania I was a Manager and so I had the “pleasure” of handling both personal and business bank accounts with different banks.

I always had to have a big handbag when I was going to the bank(s), because I had to carry with me the stamp(s), a letter of empowerment, and other stuff. The empowerment was necessary even if I was the one that signed it… being the only one in the company that could legally sign this type of documents. Even that person is only owner of the company… he still needs an empowerment. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Should I mention I had my account manager on speed dial and that we use to pay a lot of fees to the bank. There is a monthly fee, a cash withdraw fee, an internet banking fee, a fee for all the payments made online or offline. The card attached to the bank account had a lot of fees too, including a fee to see the balance at an ATM!

But here, in UK, banking is wonderful. Making changes just by notifying them with no papers, no documents, no ID, only the signature. And I’m talking about the business account! Amazing!!!

Also, our account manager is great, we had a meeting last week and he was so helpful with things that weren’t even related to the bank. We’ve spent more than 1 hour talking, solving few things and having a nice chat at the same time. He showed genuine interest in our activity and asked questions.

Hubby and I were very pleased with the whole experience.

Should I mention there is no stamp, no letter of empowerment, and… virtually no fees. Because almost all of the transactions are made online, how amazing is that. If you are not happy with your baking system, just think of how annoying it can be in other countries around the world.

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