British easter and Florii

Yesterday we celebrated the British Easter and the Florii, the Romanian corespondent of Palm Sunday. Hubby’s middle name comes from a flower and on Florii (flower-day) is his name-day.

For the Easter celebrations I baked cross buns and I dyed eggs. I like the cross buns and it is not the first time I eat them. The recipe it’s easy, very similar to a traditional Romanian sweet, cozonac. I’ll make cozonac this week, for the orthodox Easter.
Although we don’t believe in superstitions, I shared a cross bun with hubby…so, we’ll not argue at all this year 🙂

For the Florii I made some sweets for hubby. Sorry, no pictures.

And, of course, our fur-kids had their own special meals yesterday: Festus (our dog) received some canned fish in oil and Chubbchubbs (our cat) a special wet food, my mother took care of that.

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