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Changing the Tires

Changing the tires can be annoying and a bit dangerous if you are on the motorway or on A-roads, but if you have the dog with you in the boot, things get even more complicated.
Since we got Festus, nearly 10 years ago, we hoped we’ll never have a tire blowing up while he is with us. But, last weekend, this is what happened.

Changing the Tires

The tyre didn’t blow up, luckily, but it managed to get like this while we were at 70mph on a dual carriageway. My husband pulled on a side and had a look.

Changing the tires

This is what my husband saw, while we were parked on the carriageway. It was clear we had to leave the carriageway and get into a better location. He drove at a very low speed and nothing else got damaged. It is not exactly advisable to drive at a low speed on a dual carriageway, especially when not everybody is driving great. Amazingly, despite us having the hazard warning lights on, a couple of drivers were driving after us, despite the other lane being clear. How do some people get a driving licence is beyond me. Also, I wouldn’t want to be next to them in a situation when they have to respond fast to something happening on the road.

Festus with his water bowl

We found a perfect place where to change the tyre. Firstly, those polls were great for leaving Festus there. I’ve put his travelling water bowl, so he could have a drink.

Dog cage for the car

The cage was out of the car. As you can see, it’s quite big, barely fits in the boot. It is for two dogs, but Festus needs his space. Some might even argue that he is as big as two dogs anyway.

Festus watching the tyre change

Festus had a picnic as well. He had to be way off the tires because, as a puppy, he had a small tyre he would play with.

Changing the Tires. How the tyre looked like

If you watch F1, a few years ago something like this happened to Vettel. Actually, it happened a few times, in Belgium 2015 to Vettel, in 2016 at the Austrian GP, and at Silverstone 2017 both him and Raikkonen had their tires blow-up in the last few laps. All those tires are Pirelli and so are ours. Of course, I’m a Bridgestone fan from the Ferrari and Schumacher days, in early 2000s. This topic, the tyre choice, is widely discussed in our house, as one can imagine.

Car, dog cage, dog in the background

Changing the tires is not easy when you have a bid dog with you, in a big cage, and the spare tyre is underneath it all. But it does make for a fun story though.

Do you have any funny stories about changing the tires to your car? I’d love to know them, so please share in the comments.

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  1. Glad your tyre got sorted quickly! That’s my concern as a new driver – i’d worry if something happened and i wouldn’t know what to do! my care refused to go into 5th gear a few months back on a motorway and that was quite scary!!

  2. It appears that Festus was quite well behaved throughout the entire event. He’s such a good boy.

    Ahaha… I also wonder at times how some people managed to ever get their license. Then again, others might wonder about me at times. (though I like to think I’m not usually an idiot)

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