Last year we’ve been for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Funeral, so we couldn’t miss the Coronation. While initially we planned to go there the day before, on Friday we went to the Eurovision village to see Kalush Orchestra, so we couldn’t leave earlier. We got up at 3 and at 3.30 we were on our way to London. We got there a few minutes after 7, so in plenty of time to reach Buckingham. TFL had other plans and huge delays, meaning we got to Green Park at 8.30, which meant we couldn’t get to Buckingham… or the first viewing screen. There were many more people than last year, that’s without any doubt. So this is how our day was.

Vegan doughnut

Vegan Coronation doughnuts on the way to London.

Crowds towards viewing screen

Going from “we need a place on the Mall” to “hopefully we get a place at the second TV-area somewhere in London”. It is funny how expectations adjust.

cute dogs

Cute dogs made our day even better.


This is me, on a bin bag my husband got from the Serpentine cafe. We were not the only ones asking for bin bags on the day. It was raining.

Crowds at the viewing screen

More rain, but the crowds didn’t seem fazed. Only when someone at the BBC said “light drizzle” people took offence of this inaccuracy.

National Anthem

People cheered when the King emerged and everybody got up for the National Anthem.


It was raining, but more people arrived and it was packed.



There were the crowds OUTSIDE the viewing screen. It was full and people were standing on the sides to watch.


We tried to get to Buckingham, thinking we will watch the service on TV at home anyway. All the roads were closed, so we ended up in a pub… sort of. We stayed on the hallway, which was full, to see a part of the TV.


When a table was available, we moved into the actual room of the pub and stayed there for the rest of the service and the King’s procession back to Buckingham. It was such a wonderful experience. A man sang along with the choir. He knew the words by heart and he had a beautiful voice, he must have been in a choir.
When the National Anthem played, after the crown was placed on their heads, everybody in the pub started singing it too. What an atmosphere, just beautiful.

We left the pub and tried, once again, to reach Buckingham. We saw a part of the carriage passing by and people started cheering, we ran to see it, but it was impossible for me. My husband took a picture, but not exactly relevant. Our quest to get to Buckingham was unsuccessful, as the roads were still closed. So, we decided to go to Neat for lunch.


At Neat there was another screen, with all people and staff watching the coronation.

Red Arrows

Finally, we saw the Red Arrows.

Meanwhile, I was watching a friend from London on Instagram. She managed to have fab views of the procession. But she lives in London, so getting up at 4-something to get to the Mall in a timely manner was possible for her.

Vegan bun

Finally, we went to get Benji’s Buns that he made especially for the coronation before getting back home.

Despite not being able to get to Buckingham or the Mall, I am so happy we went to London. It was a much better experience than staying at home.

Long live the King!

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  1. I think I would have done that too. And it was a wonderful experience even if it wasn’t quite what you’d hoped. Where was the screen you finally ended up watching? It looks like quite a big park. I watched from a hotel room in Cleveland, getting up at 5 a.m. (Rick slept through it.) I’ll be watching again with my friend Carol when she returns home from her holiday — she missed it too. I’m sorry about the rain, though. It looked grim on TV.

    I’ve so many more of your posts to catch up on. I will, I promise!

    1. There were 3 screens in Hyde Park. The one we ended up to was near the Serpentine Cafe (or Bar) and we could go in and have some hot drinks before taking our place in the park.

    1. Both treats had the strawberry&cream flavour. The first one was from the services on the motorway and for the second one we went there by choice. I should make a post Benji’s Buns, they are worth going to Ealing especially for them.

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