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DIY: frosted window

I’ve promised in Transforming the porch to show you how you can easily apply frosted film on a window.

This is how it looks like in the end. The film really adds privacy, so it can be used on the kitchen or bathroom window as well.

02 DIY frosted window film

You should start by cleaning the windows. The surface must be dust free as any dirt will show thru the film.

03 frosted window film

What you need: Frosted film, ruler, soapy water spray, craft cutter (very sharp, be careful), marker and a credit card.

04 applying frosted window film

We’ve decided to remove the window seals. It’s not necessary, but we thought it will be easier to get the film into the corners.

05 DIY frosted window film

After you measure the window, you should cut the film. Leave a small additional space, like 1″. The film must be flat, so the cut will be precise.

06 DIY frosted window film

07 DIY frosted window film

08 DIY frosted window film

09 DIY frosted window film

To be sure the cut is perfect, use the ruler to guide you while you are cutting. Apply pressure on the ruler to have enough grip.

10 DIY frosted window film

Next step is to soak the window with soapy water. We’ve used dish washing liquid.

11 DIY frosted window film

The window is ready for the film.

12 DIY frosted window film

On another window, apply a lot of soapy water and temporary place the film with the frosted side on the glass. It will be easier to transfer from a window to another.

13 DIY frosted window film

Using 2 small pieces of masking tape, start peeling off the film from its cover. Be very careful as the film is self adhesive and it’s almost impossible to untangle if it gets stick to it.

14 DIY frosted window film

Peel off the film and spray continuously soapy water. The water will help to keep it straight.

15 DIY frosted window film

Place the film on the window you want to frost. Try to stretch it with your hands as much as you can.

16 DIY frosted window film

Using a squeegee or a credit card in an old sock, gradually remove the bubbles. It will not take a lot of time and it’s quite easy to do.
If you use a credit card, is better to put it in a sock. This way it will be more smooth and less likely to tear the film.

17 DIY frosted window film

The window is ready. We’ve installed back the window seals.

We had the film for almost two months and we are very happy with it.
Good luck if you want to try it.

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  1. Pretty cool method. I’m useless when it comes to DIY so it might take a few goes before I manage to get this right.

    1. Thank you Donovan. It’s not hard, just spray a lot of water and the film will be easier to use, less sticky.

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