Eurovision is hosted in Liverpool, much to my excitement. I took so many pictures that I had to collage many of them. There were celebrations for over a week in Liverpool and we’ve been a few times to see the different artwork pieces or celebrations of Ukraine. There are so many blue&yellow flags in shops and on the streets that it seems we are in Ukraine, in a way. I love seeing all this love for Ukraine.

Echo Arena Liverpool

This is where Eurovision is being held, at Echo Arena. I saw the Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2. I will vote for Ukraine and Croatia. I can’t vote for UK, as I’m in UK. I love Ukraine’s song, Heart of Steel, about premature babies born due to the airstrikes. It’s so sad, but it shows hope too.
As for Croatia, I just love their song, Mama ŠČ!. The words are just fantastic, it makes fun of “Armageddon-granny” who is “Evil little psychopath”. It’s about Putin, who received a tractor as a gift from Lukashenko for his birthday, which was pretty funny considering that many russian tanks were towed away by Ukrainian farmers. I love everything about the song! Do consider voting for them if you are watching. If not, just make sure you watch their song (in the link above).

Entrance to Eurovision village

Besides the show, Liverpool created the Eurovision village. This is the entrance, from yesterday. Today the village is ticketed and it sold out soon after the tickets were available to buy. I wanted to visit the village again yesterday, but it was too crowded, so instead we went for drinks to a nearby bar on a terrace.

Eurovision village 1

Eurovision village has food stalls, including a fully vegan one. There is also the Discover Ukraine part of the village. There are different stalls with clothing, food (not vegan), jewellery, books. I bought a lovely T-shirt.

Eurovision village 2

This is the stage at the Eurovision village. Each day from 5 May there were concerts, all free. On the first day, when I took this picture, was quiet-ish.

Kalush - detail

The concert was started by the Kalush Orchestra. I was so happy to hear them. They had a concert in London, but I was in Liverpool at that point, so I missed it.


Kalush was a hit with the fans. They sang their songs, and Stephania twice! I loved Stephania, the blend of modern and traditional, the words. It’s beautiful.

Liverpool 1

Liverpool was sporting the Ukrainian colours, as I mentioned, everywhere. From seats in the centre in blue&yellow, to events at different times and locations in the city. Just look at the plant pots and the flags in the sky-scrapper. That is an office building. There were many more flags in shops and pubs. The Irish pubs had the Irish and Ukrainian flags, while others had the British and Ukrainian flags.

Liverpool 2

Protect the Beats

Protect the Beats was the most memorable display for me. When the full-scale invasion started, people filled bags with sand and protected the statues, their heritage and culture.

shopping bag

This shopping bag is close to Echo Arena and the Eurovision village, but close to the L1 shopping centre too.


Superlambanana in Ukrainian colours, a symbol of Liverpool. These are usually coloured in different patterns or colours for different events.


Soloveiko Songbird Trail was lovely to see, both at nighttime and during the day. Each bird is decorated with a pattern from a different region of Ukraine. It was a fantastic idea, so interesting to see. The birds are nightingales, which is the national bird of Ukraine.


The eggs were made by British schools, but they are a nod of Ukrainian patterns and egg decorations for Easter. I think it was a lovely idea and it surely must have been amazing for these schools too.


Heart in the shopping areas of Liverpool.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral hosted Izyum to Liverpool. This was a video installation from Ukrainian artist Katya Buchatska, showing the train journey from Izyum (eastern Ukraine).

Open Eye Gallery 1

Open Eye Gallery showcased HOME, alongside 25 independent venues which each hosted a Ukrainian photograph. It was very interesting to see and well worth a visit.

Open Eye Gallery room

Are you going to watch Eurovision tonight?

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  1. It must have been AMAZING to be in Liverpool for this! There was SO much love for it this year! I LOVED Croatia’s song, it was my favourite apart from maybe Slovenia. I even wrote a post about Eurovision and my comments on the songs. The songbird trail was such an inspired idea- they are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing so much of the atmosphere of Liverpool in this post,it really comes across!

  2. Liverpool definitely did a amazing job of hosting this year’s competition, it’s just a shame that our song wasn’t better received. Pundits on the radio said that the hidden message in the lyrics was too difficult for overseas listeners to understand if English wasn’t their first language. Personally, I think that the voice just wasn’t powerful enough and the Swedish singer was streets ahead of us. Pleased you had a good time 🙂

    1. Yes, it was wonderful to be in Liverpool. Each day there were concerts and so many things to see in the city. From 5 to 13 May each day there was something. It was great, so festive.

      I agree with you. The Swedish singer had a fantastic voice. For me her song wasn’t the best. I liked others more, Norway, Moldova, Croatia (I voted for them 5 times or so, it was busy or I would have voted more), and Ukraine. I also liked Czechia. Also, I can’t say I was keen on Finland, despite it being so popular.

    1. Yes, there were so many things. I loved the whole experience, it was unique. I’m so happy it was held here in Liverpool.

      Yesterday morning we went out in the centre and so many people were just having lunch or drinks in cafes, dressed in glitter or with fancy outfits. It was spectacular.

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