Fat vs. Thin

There is a debate regarding a comment a singer made about the plus-size clothing available in shops. I have no idea why she was bothered by this, I certainly only care if they have on stock my size for the item that I want to try&buy. I think any woman should be able to buy clothes from any shop.

I use to be fat and had no issues with it. In 2009 I was gaining pounds due to a very unhealthy lifestyle. I was drinking endless cups of coffee and I was eating only once per day. While I was fat, a few shopping assistants told me they don’t have my size and I thought they have a terrible stock control system, now I know they were trying to be snarky. I had no idea what size I was, never bothered me, I tried what I liked, a bigger/smaller size if that one didn’t fit and that was all.

Having some health concerns, in 2010, I’ve realized I was overweight and I’ve started to loose weight. Friends and family told me I’ve put on some weight, but as I felt beautiful, it didn’t matter.


I’ve lost that extra weight and now I’m doing my best to keep it off. My motivation is the way I feel and, of course, the health risks that being overweight can cause me. I eat 5-6 meals a day, I exercise and I try to have an active lifestyle.

From 2011 until today I’ve oscillated between size 8 and 10. I finally know my size as it’s so helpful for ordering online.
Amazingly, as a size S, I still got a snarky comment! I know that some women are struggling with their body image which made me reply in a firm way to that lady. Some people are just impolite.

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  1. Controversial comments are the best way to gain attention, no wonder!
    What matters is the way you feel and what’s more comfortable, so there is nothing wrong with plus sizes! You’ve done a great job over the years, so never mind those silly comments!

    Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Thank you x It’s true that controversial comments attract attention, but not the good kind. I hope she and others will realize that and stop the bullying.

  2. I think what you say is true, that as long as you are happy then it doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as it’s now a health risk. People can be quite cruel, though. But well done for making the lifestyle change and choosing to be healthier 🙂

  3. You look fabulous, no matter what weight you are!

    Those comments that were made by the singer were disgusting. Nobody should be made to feel isolated like that.

    I think comments will be made about weight no matter what size we are. Some people are so ashamed of their own bodies that they have to pick on others to make themselves feel better. As I’ve said before, as long as you are happy and healthy then nothing else matters.

    1. Thank you Holly x I agree, some people want to make themselves feel better or are looking for fame and don’t care what their comments are doing to others.

  4. Happiness and health is the main thing, I think! I’ve lost over a stone lately and I know I feel a lot better mentally and physically when I’m smaller. Plus I can run faster, woo!

    Corinne x

    1. You are right. I feel better mentally too. Exercising and eating healthy has a big impact on me, my mood, how much energy I have.

  5. People like me that take meds for conditions beyond our control, do end up gaining weight and losing it can be so hard to do, especially since the meds are so strong. But I am doing what I can to lose that weight, no matter what! You look awesome at any size and you’re beautiful too! Get healthy for your own sake and do what makes you happy, too!

    1. Thank you x There are so many reasons that lead to gain weight and I know how hard is to loose it. Some people don’t realize they can hurt others. I hope you’ll achieve your goals soon x

  6. I honestly feel some people just like to bitch and make other people feel bad about themselves. You looked good when larger and how you look now but it’s good to know your body well isn’t it!x

    1. I think she wanted the fame and she said something controversial to get it. For this reason I didn’t mentioned her name. Thank you xx

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