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Flower Burger

This is a very special post, because I’m reviewing Flower Burger, a chain of vegan restaurants which opened the first restaurant in Milan, but also has one in London. I haven’t been to the one in London, I will soon though, but I’ve been to the one in Milan. Their menu is the same, which is fantastic.

Flower Burger

The decor is lovely and the staff is very friendly.

burger at Flower Burger

I got the Jungle burger, in a green bun made with spirulina. The patty is made with red kidney beans. As a side I went for the crispy aubergines. It’s quite unusual for a burger place to have aubergines as sides, but it works beautifully.


My husband got the purple burger, called Flower burger. The purple bun is made with purple carrot and the patty is with red kidney beans and spinach, among other ingredients.
Sides were Patatas buenas, so loaded fries.

desserts at Flower Burger

As for desserts, we got coco-nuts, a semifreddo with coconut and espresso, and tiramisu. I loved both. They also have biscuit salami, which is something I plan to try when I’m going to their location in London.

For drinks we had a beer, which is locally made. I like that they have burgers made with veggies and legumes, as most are using fake meats. I am keen on fake meats, but I love diversity and these are delicious and also fun because all of their buns have cute and bright colours. If you are in Milan, it’s worth going there. Their first restaurant opened in 2015 and now they have quite a few in Italy and in a few European countries too. I am looking forward to going to the one in London in the next couple of months.

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  1. I absolutely love Aubergines, especially crispy ones so I will definitely look out for Flower burger! Your burgers look really tasty. I like the fake meat burgers but I would give these bean burgers a try.

  2. Interesting looking burgers I have to say! 🙂

    That comes from a confirmed meat-eater, but I have to say that were I vegetarian or vegan, they actually look really appealing and beautifully presented.

    The desserts look amazing too and I love the way they are already packaged in individual servings. I am a big fan of tiramisu, so it would be interesting to try a vegan option, as a straight comparison of flavours and texture.

    I love the overall look of the restaurant too, so let’s just hope that in the current climate, any shop or restaurant that is brave enough to open its doors in this country, succeeds and does well! I hope you get to try the London branch soon 🙂

    1. Do try a vegan burger, you’ll be surprised by it. I know many who eat meat and enjoy vegan burgers too. These ones are made with beans, chickpeas, and so on, so it’s not an attempt to replicate a meat burger, but it’s something different, as if it were another dish.

      Tiramisu was amazing. In Italy I saw that their tiramisu is more bitter than the ones we are used to and I prefer it like that. These days the vegan versions of dairy is getting better and better. The whipped cream is just like the dairy version.

      In London there are so many vegan places and they thrive. With the issues regarding animal welfare and climate change, more and more people are ditching meat, if only for a couple days a week. Some of these places are so busy you need reservations made days before. I can’t wait to go back to London. :))

  3. This looks very interesting (especially those colorful buns!) and how nice that there’s a location in London. I’ve eaten burgers made with black beans and chickpeas, but not kidney beans. The fried eggplant reminds me of fried yellow squash and fried zucchini. I would be willing to try any of this!
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