Maybe I’m watching to much “Next top model” or maybe because I’m a diva, as a friend always tells me… today we’ve made a beauty shoot with my new glasses!! Ohh, if only I was 12 years younger and at least 2 inch taller… But that’s a different story.

This month I had an eye exam and I needed new glasses, so I got 3 pairs from I love them, they look great and they are very comfy. I must admit my expectations were low considering the prices, but the quality is very good and I received them in 1 week.

First pair, black&purple plastic frames. I got this pair to wear at home, but it looks better than I expected. The frames are light and a delightful to wear, so I’ll wear them everywhere.g_01

The second pair, black metal frames. If my outfit will be “loud”, I’ll wear them. I wanted a simple pair, only for a few occasions and I’m very happy with them. I can’t wait to wear them.

The last ones, the edgy frames. I just love them! So stylish and cute, I love the detail on the frame.

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