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Is most likely that this will be my last Good things post this year. It was a great idea to have this series, I enjoyed it so much. Sometimes I was upset about small things and I wasn’t in the mood to write it, but that was the main reason behind it. To focus on the positives. I will keep writing this series next year too, it’s too precious to miss it.

1. Huge cookies. I used the cookie cutter hubby got me for Saint Nicholas Day. It was fun to use it and hubby was happy too.

2. My health. I was ill and I realized how much I achieved in the last few years of being a vegetarian, eating as healthy as I can and exercising. I had it before in my early 20s. Now it took me a few days longer to recover from it, but this time I only took some paracetamol and not antibiotics like last time. I can be stronger in my 30s because I make better choices.

3. Blogging. I thought a lot about setting up blogging goals and for next year I have a small list that I can’t wait to share it. Blogging is exciting, this year I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers, I’ve been to a few events. When I thought I can’t be more exciting, this year ended with Blogger Secret Santa. I received wonderful gifts (I still have one to unwrap on the Christmas day) and cards.

4. My job. I love it! Most of the time I’m working, I spend it doing creative things and I love it.

5. The dog. He is so smart and understands so many things.

To end, as remembering the good stuff is the only reason, I looked in the archive and this are 5 favourite posts:

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  1. The size of that cookie! That’s amazing! Sounds like you’ve had such an amazing year, 2016 can only be bigger and better!

    Sarah 🙂

  2. That is one massive cookie!! Did you manage to eat it all? I’ve not received my Blogger Secret Santa gift yet. 🙁 But it looks like there were a number sending stuff last minute so I expect it’s on it’s way somewhere!

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