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Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots

Update: The sole of one of the boots had a split in it. So I had them for 4-5 months.

I bought this pair of Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots two months ago from GO Outdoors. As I avoid leather, finding some walking boots that are long lasting and good value for money is not as easy as it seems. I have off road trainers, but they aren’t that comfortable on pavement as they are in the woods. Also, I really needed an waterproof boot as in the mornings the grass is wet and, in our walks with Festus I walk on the grass.

Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots

When I bought the walking boots, they were on a even better offer. At the moment the boots are £30. The first thing I liked about them was how they looked and the purple accents. I tried them on and the boots seemed comfortable enough. We all know that this can be slightly different when you get to wear the footwear. I was happy with them, as a boot it gives me extra support in the ankles and they are lightweight. The Hi Gear boots are comfortable to wear. It’s the first time I buy something from them, but I would gladly buy other footwear made by them.

On the last two camping trips, the one in Scotland and one in London, our walks involved woods and the “waterproofness” of the boots was tested. I was very pleased with them, as my feet were dry and warm.

Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots review

Now I’m considering getting another pair, just to make sure I have suitable boots for a long time. Going out with the dog every morning and every evening in winter means I need a good pair of boots.

Do you wear walking boots? Which brand is your favourite?

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  1. Hi Gear boots are great. I personally prefer Gore-Tex winter walking boots from Salomon or The North Face. Leather hiking boots are heavier and need quite a bit of break in time, which can be a painful experience. Thanks for this review!

  2. I prefer wearing lighter trail running shoes in the warmer seasons, and heavier but insulated hiking boots in the winter. These boots look great to! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, are these boots breathable? I am considering buying a pair as my work boots, but I will hate to have my feet soaked in sweat, smelly and slipping around after hours of wearing these… but anyway, they look great. Thanks for your review!

  4. Hi, these walking boots look great. I am an avid walker and hiker myself, and I prefer lighter, durable and more cushioned walking shoes, such as Clarks or Brooks walking shoes myself.

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