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Home & Gift, Harrogate, 2013

This week, hubby and I went to Home&Gift trade show in Harrogate. It was a nice drive to there, even if I felt we had to spend too much time passing thru Leeds.

The trade show was as I’ve expected, different than the Jewellery Show in London, but nice. I wasn’t impressed with some exhibitors attitude, some of them were very strange…

But, beside this, I saw interesting products and nice people. I’ve met one of my suppliers and I must admit I was very pleased with his suggestions and explanations. I’m really happy with my choice.

I almost found another supplier… but the lack of interest of their employees was too frustrating. If they aren’t making an effort at a trade show with a potential client that is asking details about the products and the prices… I can’t believe I would be treated better if I place an order online or over the phone.

Also, I saw so many cute things for home. We didn’t plan to visit all the plans, but in the end we saw all the stands.

I received a lovely greeting card with a rottweiler from an exhibitor. It looks lovely, realistic and cute.

Another thing that caught my eyes was a slate stone cupcake stand. The exhibitor had a lot of items from slate stone and all of them looked amazing!

I admired a lovely vintage-style small cabinet, white with painted butterflies. Olive wood kitchen stuff looked very nice too and that exhibitor had a wide and beautiful range.

Next year we’ll visit it again.

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