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Markinch is a town in Fife, Scotland. It is a very small town, with a population a bit over 2,400. There is a stone circle nearby, thus the town was lived in for thousands of years.

A view of Markinch

This picture is taken from Markinch Hill. There you can see some “mysterious terraces” made out of sand during the Ice Age.

Markinch, view from the hills

Church in Markinch

Thornton Parish Church was called St Drostans after an early Celtic missionary. The first church on the site was built in the 6th century. The tower is Norman and it dates from around 1180.

Markinch - Stob Cross

This is the Stob Cross, dating from the 6th century.

Markinch, walk in the woods

The views are stunning, so it’s worth visiting this town if you are nearby.

Pub in Markinch

Imagine that, a pub where you can’t take pictures, including selfies and there are no cocktails. That’s positively quirky.

Markinch park, where a band was playing. On highland games day

We went on a walk around the town just after the Highland games ended, so we missed those, but managed to see this amazing bagpipe band. Going to Scotland must include listening to a bagpipe. I do like it, since I’ve heard bagpipes live, for the first time, in Gretna Green.
The highland games were held in Balbirnie Park, a rather large park considering the size of the town.

Boy in kilt. Picture taken in Markinch

I love this picture, he is so cute in his kilt.

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  1. That’s such a beautiful view of the road. I’m surprised about the pub. Maybe they just want us to enjoy — but I can’t think sharing is good marketing!

  2. Scotland always look so beautiful. You must have time it so well that go to all the events!

  3. This landscape is stunning! I would love to step foot in that bar for a beer. I am sure the bagpipes sounded amazing.

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