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My March

March is always an exciting month. It was Women’s Day, a day quite important for me. I went to Volair SPA for a massage, it was a great way to celebrate the day. On 1st it was martisor, a Romanian tradition that involves women getting presents (amazing, right?) and I received a wonderful gecko necklace from my husband. I’ve read 5 more books, very interesting all of them. I watched Crufts and that is always fun, I enjoyed it, even though I have different ideas when it comes to some of the things mentioned in their discussions.
In March I’ve tried to eat 10 portions of fruit and veggies each day for a week and I managed it. I also have an amazing giveaway, so don’t miss it: Chalkboard bundle.

The weather starts to get nicer and manor houses are opened for the new season. We went to Turton Tower. I can’t wait to start crossing things from my bucket list. I already went to Design Museum in London, but I have many more beautiful places to see. It’s really exciting. Now I’m away, as you might have seen on Instagram.


Tried Malaysian Food at Fred’s Ale House by Malay Street Food. I enjoyed the food a lot, all vegan. It was the first time I tried Seitan, that sounds strange considering I’ve been vegetarian for so many years. I loved it so much that I’m going to make it at home.
The first dish was a fish-type made with Seitan and seaweed. It really had a fishy taste, as much as I can remember it. The second dish had peanuts and I loved it. The third dish was a ramen with Chinese sauces. It was very interesting. I had only Japanese ramen before and it’s quite different. For dessert I had fruit sorbet, so good and a perfect way to finish the meal.

My husband made this cocktail for me, it was so good. He got a big can of mango pulp last time we went to the Chinese supermarket and I’ve used it for a dessert Mango yoghurt. I also use it for smoothies, it’s so versatile.


As you can see in my pictures, on 23rd I made sheep as a Easter decoration. I love how they turned out. I will blog about them near Easter and they will be on top of a few Easter-themed cakes.

How was your March?

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