Today I’m going to talk about Nostalgia, as it’s the theme for Blog everyday in November and it’s appropriate considering that tomorrow is my 4th anniversary since I moved to the UK.

Nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past” according to the Oxford dictionary. It’s something I rarely have. It happens when I look in my blog’s archive. Like today, when I was chatting on a forum about snow and I looked back to see how it was in January. I saw a couple of pictures hubby took when we went to see a special exhibition about lessons in posing subjects. I felt nostalgic, it was a lovely moment, I remembered what hubby and I talked about while he took those pictures, it was sweet.

My life was normal. I had a good childhood, I liked my teachers and my colleagues at school, I had a few friends and it was fun. I liked what I learned at Uni and my years as a volunteer working with kids. I am found of the jobs I had and what I learned although I used to change them fast as they didn’t suit me.

I like remembering things from the past, but I’m not nostalgic. I wouldn’t want to go to see the places I lived before, regardless if they were in the city I lived my childhood, where I had my first flat or where I lived for the first time in Liverpool. I don’t feel the need of going back to see those places because I can remember them and I have pictures and I want to spend my time focusing on the present and the future.

I know my definition on “home” is different than for others. For me home is here, where I’m right now, writing cuddled up on the sofa with my feet underneath me, with the dog sleeping next to the sofa. Home is not where I was born or raised or where I got married. If tomorrow hubby and I sell our home and move to another city and another house, for me, from the moment I get there, that place will be home. I don’t even need things from my home, I would take them only if it makes sense.

Being able to let go makes me feel free. Maybe others can’t understand me but each to their own.

Are you nostalgic?

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  1. I’m not nostalgic, I used to be a little in the past, years ago. I’m like you, home is where I am. I lived in a few countries for longer or shorter periods of time and I felt at home everywhere. My friends or relatives from the old country are quite surprised about this fact and can’t really understand me. It’s such a waste of time to think about stuff/a place that is not here anymore. Living in the present is so relaxing and gives you peace of mind.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from on this one – you can’t change what’s happened so why dwell on them. However I am nostalgic and recent events are making me feel even more so because the thought of what the future holds in this world is actually very frightening.

    I think I really ought to focus on the here and now instead!

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