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Personal Goals for 2016 – How I did

Last year I finished all my goals, but this year Snowdon caught me out. Anyway, I did everything else and I’m pleased. I have new ideas of goals for next year. This is how I did.


1. Good things jar. DONE! I wrote the notes at the beginning of the year, but kept forgetting about it. So I don’t have a lot of notes at the moment. I will try one more year, maybe I will be more consistent. Even so, I think I did pretty good.

2. Hike to the top of Snowdon. I said that if it’s on the list I’ll have to do it. I didn’t.

3. Cross a few things from that 40 before 40 list. DONE! I didn’t set up a specific number, but I did quite a few this year:
4. Grow edible flowers.
9. Buy a caravan or at least make a trip with a rented caravan.
11. Sew a dress/skirt from scratch.
14. Do something I’m scared of.
24. Complete a 30 days working out challenge without missing a day.
27. Buy a collectible with Michael Schumacher.
34. Do more than 200 push-ups in a workout.
40. Buy a membership somewhere.

4. Read 3 biographies. DONE! There is Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, by Linda Bellingham; Common sense rules: What You Really Need to Know about Business by Deborah Meaden; The way I see it. Rants, revelations and rules for life by Alan Sugar and Coco Chanel (Critical Lives) by Linda Simon.

5. Take on 5 challenges. DONE! I did: Smoothie challenge in June and I still do it, with a little twist; 30 Days Push Up Challenge and 365 Project, technically is not over yet, as we still have a few days in the year, but it’s going to good; I want to keep it next year too. Also there a couple of challenges related to blogging, the monthly  posts about farm/mill, cooking updates and reviews.  In total there are more than 5.

Did you set up goals for this year? How did you do?

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  1. It looks like you’ve done pretty well with your goals and you were able to cross quite a few things off! Well done!

    I made a couple of goals and I think I’ve done fairly well with them. I’m going to write a post in the new year reviewing them in more detail but I’m pretty happy with how I did!

  2. You did really well with your goals. Maybe you’ll make Snowdon next year. I’m certainly hoping to visit next year!

    I managed just one out of my three goals this year. I’ve learned that when setting goals for the year I should make sure that I’m truly passionate about my goals or else I won’t stick to them, hence why this year I’m just setting one major goal; buy a house.

  3. Looks like you’ve smashed your goals lovely! I had a few things on my list but my top one was to get an apprenticeship – and i got one, yay!

  4. You’ve done so well with your goals this year! I need to review mine and see how Im doing with them. Well done.

    Corinne x

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