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Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins

I got Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason for my husband. Initially I wanted to get them for Valentine’s Day, but ended up gifting them earlier. I love buying from Fortnum & Mason once in a while. Their teas are very good, so in the last years I got some as Christmas gifts for my husband. I rarely drink tea, only coffee for me.

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason

I went into the shop and noticed these thins. While they are not marked as vegan they do not have any animal-based products in them. I only noticed the vodka and had to ask about it. The lady who helped me was quick to check where the vodka is made. She asked me afterwards if I didn’t want to buy russian vodka and I told her that’s the case. She asked me if I’m Ukrainian and I told her no. Finally and really funny, she said that while she was looking for the details on the vodka she said to herself: ‘I hope is not russian’.

What’s even more interesting is that the vodka is, in fact, made in England. The Belgian chocolate is infused in their own English Barley Vodka. These are decorated with freeze dried raspberries.

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins

I think these are really lovely and it would make for a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. They are rich and the quality is exactly as one would expect from Fortnum & Mason. Browsing and buying from them is a treat in itself. While these are expensive, again, as one would expect from Fortnum & Mason, for me these were worth the price.

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    1. I love raspberries. My husband is not fond of them, but liked these chocolates. I think it depends on how strong the taste is and how well it goes with the rest. Dark chocolate is powerful, so this is why he might liked these, as I assumed he would. 🙂

  1. We haven’t been up to London for some time now and I must admit that I miss a good mooch around Harrods, including an afternoon tea and the selection of a small decadent gift, just to say we purchased something! Chocolates or cookies, similar to your own, are always a safe bet.

    I must admit that Fortnum and Masons are much better overall, at least I think so, but we somehow never seem to get that far!

    I mostly drink coffee, however a good quality tea is never going to be turned down, either Earl or Lady Grey, or a black fruit tea. I’m not too keen on green tea, despite the fact it is supposed to be better for you!

    Have a good weekend 🙂

    1. I like Harrods too. For me Fortnum and Masons is a good option because of their shop in St. Pancras, which is only 10 minutes from Euston, from where I take the train back to Liverpool. I can buy something and go to the station to wait for my train. It’s very handy.
      I like Earl Grey too. 🙂

    1. I agree, their products are amazing. I buy from their shop at St. Pancras, as it’s only a few minutes away from Euston, so perfect for when I’m coming home.

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