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The Vegan Kind. February Boxes

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on The Vegan Kind, the February boxes. I will start by saying that I was annoyed by the delay for one of the boxes, and not because it was delayed, but because their explanation was “brexit”. Really? After hearing how we are going to run out of broccoli and salad in January and it didn’t happen, after them having no issues with the box for January, now in February using “brexit” seems like either a political statement or, more likely, an excuse for their poorly stock management. I would have preferred a “we are sorry” email, without this nonsense.

The Vegan Kind. February Boxes

Anyway, in the end I received the second box too and I will talk about what I received in the boxes. These are the boxes for February, the lifestyle one starts at £8 + postage and the beauty box starts at £12.75 + postage, depending on how long your subscription is.

The Vegan Kind. February beauty box

The Vegan Kind. February beauty box:

Dr. Eve Youth Vitamin C Moisturiser (RRP £59.99) – this is a vegan moisturiser and I am looking forward to trying it. It’s quite expensive, so I wouldn’t have spent this amount on a moisturiser, but I’m very glad to be able to try it. Maybe I will buy it again, if I’m very happy with it. I haven’t started using it as I still have a bit left from my moisturiser. This is going to be the next one I will open though.
Nailkind Vegan Nail Treatment Oil (RRP £10.50) – I am very happy with this one. I used nail oil before and I liked it.
Beauty Kitchen Balm (RRP £3.99) – I can’t say that I’m very keen on this one, as I already got a balm in the last box, that I’m using. So, it will stay in the cupboard for a while, until I finish the one I use now.
Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Cleansing Wipes (£1.99) – I saw this in supermarkets and I was curious. I like that they are 100% biodegradable too.
Sunkissed Mascara (RRP £4.99) – It’s not a brand I used before, but one can never have too much mascara.

Overall I’m happy with the beauty box. I will use all the products, even though some will have to wait a bit.

The Vegan Kind. February Lifestyle box

The Vegan Kind. February lifestyle box:

Dandies marshmallows (£RRP £4.19) – Well, we had this many times before, both this size, the big ones, and the smaller ones.
Zest Pesto (£RRP £2.50) – I haven’t open this one yet, but I’m sure I’m going to love it.
Peakz Bar 40g (£RRP £1.79) – A crunchy bar, really nice, I liked it.
Freedom Pusheen Vegumi Bar 54g (£RRP £1.99) – This is really nice too, I liked it even more than the other one. It has a softer middle and is coated with dark chocolate. Yum
ZENB Veggie Bites (RRP £3.00) – These beetroot bites sound really interesting. I’m yet to try them, but this is something I would have picked in the supermarket as I am curious about them.
Nudie Cauliflower 22g (£RRP £0.95) – These are a bit spicy, so I might get another flavour. The cauliflower is grown in Scotland, the wonky kind, which is not sold in the supermarkets.
Humble Co. Dental Floss (£RRP £3.49)

Overall I’m happy with the lifestyle box too, new things I haven’t tried before, and the ones I was familiar with are really nice.

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  1. The cauliflower crisps sound interesting! I’d never seen this before. I’d say between these two boxes so beauty box has caught my eye more, with that moisturiser it is very good value for money!
    Thank you for sharing these Anca. Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

    Julia x

  2. Yes, isn’t it a bit late to be using Brexit as an excuse. Better to just say we’re sorry for the delay. Well, at least these vegan boxes were nice and you enjoyed them. Have a great day!

  3. That’s a very strange excuse for the delay in shipping your boxes after all this time! But still, it looks like in the main you got some good things, so I’m glad you’re happy with both boxes now 🙂

  4. I’m always interested in your lifestyle box and was surprised to see the dental floss, but I guess that goes with food in a roundabout way. (and I realize “lifestyle” isn’t just edibles… you had the Eco Egg last time) Several of these items look good to me. I’ve never seen vegan marshmallows, but I probably just haven’t looked in the right places.
    Kelly recently posted…Cafe On The WaterMy Profile

    1. In the lifestyle box they always include a non-food item, like the EcoEgg or an eco-friendly cutlery set. I had vegan marshmallows from different brands and they are really good. My favourite are from M&S, followed by Dandies.

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